Footballers not allowed to talk to ref?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by whistler, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. I'll put my cards on the table, I like the sport of football - but despise footballers.

    I'm a rugby ref but could never do the same for football, I couldn't take the hassle - I'm sure I'd end up snotting someone for giving me lip. Obviously this does not happen in rugby - well not twice in the same match anyway!!

    Interesting that kissball - oops, sorry - football is contemplating following rugby in only allowing the captains permission to speak to the ref.

    Why has it taken so long?
  2. Why has it taken so long? Probably because the over paid prima-donnas earn more a week than the ref and the punters earn a year. So to send off the foul mouthed thicko that is screaming in the Refs face would upset the club, who would moan to the FA, who would back them over the ref.

    I'd also introduce a rule that if you go off on a stretcher, you can't come back on again. Which would stop a lot of the play acting that goes on.

    Give me Rugby any day.

    Oh and thanks for Refereeing. :)
  3. about time, but then the rules are already in place to allow the ref to book a player for abusive backchat. If more refs would book players for arguing then it would stop soon enough, Yes it would cause controversy to begin with but would be better for the game in the long run
  4. Totally agree with it. I think managers also have a part to play, especially when it comes to the post match interview, and instead of trying to defend their players when they gob off to the ref, they should follow Torquey Utd's example.
  5. Spot on rapier, the moment you go off on a stretcher off you stay.

    Rugby is a much better sport, and an example to the kids, than kiss ball.

    If they strop off, send 'em off. Just like that retard rooney did when like a tawt he started clapping at the ref.

    Subject of the cash they earn, if they get sent off, they should be fined a days wage which can then be sent to a local charity.

    My thanks to whistler, who knows one day I may even know the rules to rugby and not keep getting gripped!!! :D

    eDIT TO ADD. likewise, injury time shouldn't be added if the player rolls around the floor and then just get's up and runs off.
  6. It does
  7. does it?

    I have to admit that I couldn't give a fcuk about football cos it is so sh1t.

    Seen as one days doesn't make a difference, we'll up it to a month. That should get those overpaid chimps to behave once in a while.
  8. And hopefully the new England chappy, will fcuk off all those hangers on from following them out to the World Cup, etc.

    Fcuking barbcues for the WAGs in the middle of a tournement? Get a grip you retards and focus on the game, not on your fancy bits.
  9. Whistler couldn't agree with you more about this. I love football and rugby but the antics of football players drives me mad. I have lost count of the number of times a player has been spoken to / booked for gobbing off at the referee only for him to walk away from the ref still gobbing off (Rooney is a prime example but by no means the only offender). I have longed for a ref to have the B*llocks to call the player back and book them again and send them off.
  10. Or to pull out a tazer and put the mouthy, overpaid moron on the ground for a while.... no injury time permitted, no substitution whilst player is down, no stretcher. I should be on the FA board me. :D

    For repeat offenders the Linesmen get to fire baton rounds.
  11. Or the whole team fitted with dog shock collars... Can't abide the things personally, but for those single brain cell flids I would probably make an exception.

    Let's face it, Rugby players are generally intelligent and sporty. Footballers were the mongs in your class that could barely write their own name and could only play footy.

  12. You fcuking snob.
  13. CF, where you buggered at school by the football team, or is it that you where the lad who was last to be picked and never given the ball
  14. Not at all.

    I come from a low-middle class family. That doesn't mean I have to worship these mongs and laud their performance on the pitch.

    Or agree with their stupidly high pay scales.
  15. Good.

    Like it or not, but Football is the game of the people WORLDWIDE (excepting USA) and footballers get paid there (stupidly high) wages because that is how market forces works. It majorly fcuks me of when Rugby sorts look down their noses. All Rugby forwards are fat failed footballers. Putting a tie on doesn't make you classy. Your post proves that.