Footballers as role models?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by muhandis89, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Bin this thread someone
    Innocent until proven etc.
  2. I'm not postulating innocence or otherwise.The question is about ''role models!!!''
  3. It's news....from a newspaper....why bin it???? It's just been on ITN. Quick.....all turn your TV's off!!!!
  4. Never a role-model for me; I always thought of footballers as over-paid, over-acting p0ofters who could'nt take part in a real man's sport like Rugby, Boxing or MMA :evil:
  5. My mates nephew thinks the son shines out of my arrse. When asked by his teacher which famous person he would most like to be like when he grew up, he "Wrote" a one page story about "sergeant major Bad Crow."

    Okay i'm not a sergeant major but i will take credit for the "First class bravery medal" and the can carry two "Massive machine guns" when fighting "200 taliban by himself".

    My Point:

    Just because your a footballer that doesnt make you a godlike role model.
  6. But it does make you a primping overpaid girly-poofter and cokehead who couldn't hack it in a proper sport.
  7. That i will totally agree with.

    Bad_Crow. Ex fan of football.

    I got bored of watching the team i supported cheat in the same way as the rest of them. I got bored of seeing the England team not quite cut it. Or completely miss it as the case is now.

    They're overpaid cheating so called athletes who don't deserve then support and fan base they get.
  8. Seconded! :twisted:
  9. In a sense of this is how you don't act maybe. Not that there aren't some decent ones out there of course, it's just that the ********* take up all the publicity.
  10. On the same vein, the watfoed player from Sierra Leone who is facing deprtation because his visa has ran out is an example of a role model. He came to this country as a young refugee during the war and through his ability has earned a place in their first team. He is not sponging off the benefits and he is providing entertainment for his clubs fans.

    The fact that he has worked to gain a place in the first team and earn a wage as a refugee, surely must set as good example of if you have talent and work at it you will become a success?
  11. You're right. I agree 100%. AND thank christ squaddies don't shag wh0res or drink!
  12. Sierra Leone is Commonwealth. There's an easy way he can avoid deportation...
  13. I agree to a point that he is innocent until proven otherwise.

    He is however in the public eye and whether he is a role model or not, he should have some respect for the responsibilities his massive wage packet brings with it.

    The same has to be said for Winehouse and Docherty who in my opinion should be force fed heroin until they die. Scumbags
  14. Capping their wages & adopting a zero tolerance policy to swearing* at the ref would be a good start.

    (*TV cameras & lip-reading kids)