Footballers £1 million giveaway

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FULLTRAIN, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone else see this last night?? People shouldn't need to campaign for nurses wages in the first place, but some of these footballers are fcuking unbelievable!! Im guessing the average prem player wage is maybe £45-55K a week and still you get a gem of a quote like this- "Why does it have to be a days wage, cant we just make a donation??" :x
  2. I thought exactly the same - it was the Everton lot that were asking that question and seemed a bit reluctant. Maybe the fact that only half of the 500 odd players donated, was that most are foreign and have private health care - it doesn't seem relevant to them...there is also the fact that most are stupid chavs or bling wearing prima donnas!

    I agree Fulltrain, what a f**king state though, to have to raise money in the first place!
  3. I could slightly understand it if these guys were born with a silver spoon and were a bit detatched from reality etc. but 99.9% are working class people who just happen to have a natural talent, and if you watched the programme, had relatives who were in the nursing profession. Its clearly not the fault of footballers that our nurses are badly paid, but as footballers get enough bad press as it is, you would think that they'd relish the opportunity to show a charitable, caring side. :? FFS! The way things are with a lot of things in this country (and others) just makes me fcuking laugh ultimately, because they absolutely dumbfound me.
  4. The poor girl had alot on her plate, doing most of that on her own... especially trying to get up in front of them and give a presentation, when they were more interested in mucking about. Can't imagine the likes of Joey barton, Ben Thatcher, and Lee Bowyer all comprehending the plight of our nurses and sitting upright with ears pinned back.
  5. HMMM... Not so sure pompey, the players you mention have done their fair share of presenting casualties for the nurses to hone their skills on!! :wink:
  6. The avarage players wage is well below £45k a week, thats just the norm for the richest clubs. Ask the Reading players who much they get.

    It was interesting to watch, seeing that most of the guys had huge scars on their legs they should know what nursing is all about.

    The press didn't help though. ather than praise the ones that did it, they slagged off the ones that didn't. Could have been handled better.
  7. Didn't actually see the programme but my RT this week tells me 'Boro gave sweet f.a. and Chelsea gave a "club donation".
  8. but it was also good to see some of them do care

    well done to Nigel Reo Cooker, Jermaine Defo Garry Neville & Ryan Giggs (funny as **** when she talked to giggsy about england playing a footy match)

    also David james for telling her the best way to do it

    but the ones that didnt do anything nedd ******* stringing up tossers
  9. I imagine that soccer players are bombarded with begging letters and learn to develop selective hearing at an early stage.
    If the nurses feel that they have poor pay, why does their union still throw money at New Liebour? Hit them where it hurts ladies!
  10. I never saw the programme as Hustle was on the beeb at the same time. But can I put another slant on this.

    £1 billion was spent on agency staff for the NHS, a vast majority of these agency workers are Doctors and Nurses who already work for the NHS and do the extra work on their "stand down days" They are paid really well to do this...if they turned around and said no, then the Government would be forced to employ more nurses at a premium rate for all, unfortunately the following will ensure this will never happen

    1. Money is good so why not
    2. Some live beyond their means so need the money(I dont mean poorly paid and can't live)
    3. Some support other nurses who are short staffed so volunteer to do extra shifts via the agency
    4. It is expected by the NHS for Nurses to do this
    5. Some care and do it for that reason

    What I cannot understand is because you are a Nurse you have this..I care attitude and this to be perfectly honest is not correct. I do not wish to demean those who do care and are hard working, but after working in two seperate hospitals I have seen at first hand that the ones that care shine a mile over those who dont and treat it as a job and nothing else, the latter are by far in the majority.

    Nursing is like any other proffession, if you don't like it move on and find another job. Using the "I care attitude" does not work, IMHO. I have done many poorly paid jobs in the Social care world and have done them because I wanted to. I dont moan about pay and if I did then I would move on to something that fitted my criteria.

    Lets be clear here - It is the Government at fault in the first place, quickly followed by the Nursing agencies who charge such large amounts.

    £1 billion - how many nurses would that pay for and how much of a payrise could be given to them........
  11. Niall Quinn, one of soccerball's straight arrows, gave away the proceeds (about a cool mill' IIRC) from his testimonial...
  12. I lost the plot of the programme looking at her FMB's and skirts :p - sorry
  13. Why should they give up part of their salaries?

    I sure as hell wouldnt.

    Some make it, some dont.

    Tis the way of the world unfortunately!
  14. Because they are bloody loaded and their pay is not in relation to their work really and possibly they (and actors, celebs etc...) could make a real difference being in a very fortunate position and having an income in a week that most nurses take 2 or 3 years to earn.

    Good job we all don't have an "I'm alright Jack" attitude.
  15. how much tax do these blokes pay? shit loads I bet, they contribute more than i ever will

    I'm with chimp503 on this one