just take your own telly to basic along with any other creature comforts you need and demand a one man room so you can fit it all in. Dont take no for answer from the staff they only respect force
Get used to listening to games on the radio and use your imagination.
icemann said:
if you miss it that much grab yourself a MP3 player that has DAB that way you can listen to the game while bulling or sorting kit
OK so I'm a bit behind the technology curve.
Or just get football results sent to your phone.
steven8gerrard said:
ok thanks i suppose radio will have 2 do :cry: not so sure i want to go through with it now
[Anti-wah on]

Not joining because of footie results?

FFS, you really can't be that commited. Go and work for McD's :roll:

[Anti-wah off]

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