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  1. how deprived of football results and news will we be at basic? does anybody know if we will ever catch highlights or anything?
  2. I take it from your name you are a LFC supporter. Considering their season so far why would you be bothered?
  3. because i'm a huge fan and we have man u everton and arsenal straight after i begin.was just wondering how much i'd be missing out on
  4. You shouldn't have too much problem seeing the games on Sky, unless you have a barsteward of a Corporal who makes you very busy on a Sunday afternoon.
  5. does this mean i'll miss midweek games i.e champions league and could miss the final?
  6. No unlikely, you'll be busy getting your kit ready for the next day at kick off times. And you won't be in th final.
  7. just take your own telly to basic along with any other creature comforts you need and demand a one man room so you can fit it all in. Dont take no for answer from the staff they only respect force
  8. i bet you were saying we wouldn't be in the final in 2005 and again in 2007 but thanks for your help anyways i'll have to think about it
  9. Get used to listening to games on the radio and use your imagination.
  10. if you miss it that much grab yourself a MP3 player that has DAB that way you can listen to the game while bulling or sorting kit
  11. OK so I'm a bit behind the technology curve.
  12. ok thanks i suppose radio will have 2 do :cry: not so sure i want to go through with it now
  13. Hey, gerrrrrard. WAH!
  14. what do you mean by 'wah' not following you sorry
  15. take a trip to arssepedia puppy