hi all am about to start the process of joining ta have posted on here already but
am wondering if the different units etc do sports i.e football and compete against each other
i play and for my sins used to coach and manage but now just play. if they do anyother team sport then i am up
for joining any info wellcome and cheers in advance
There are regional and national TA football competitions annually.
These used to be fairly well supported by units in the past with training days and pay etc. but recent developments with cuts and reductions in MTDs (man training days) mean that they are harder to fit into the training calendar, however they do still take place.
In my experience, these kind of events only happen if the person organising is actually interested in the sport, don't expect a PSI (permanent staff instructor) who is into canoeing to plan a footy competition, therefore you actually might be given the job yourself, a good way to get to know the unit members and pick up some organisational experience too.
There is an annual inter-unit TA football competition - the final of this year's being between the Royal Irish TA and Sheffield OTC, which the latter won - and there is a representative side which plays a number of different Corps and external representative sides throughout the season. However, the breadth of the TA representative side's fixture list has been curtailed over recent seasons due to the existing operational tempo and the demands on the TA and Regular soldiers who represent the teams.

The Army FA website will have more details on both of these topics.

I would second BP's final paragraph regarding interest levels in-unit but would also add that given the aforemontioned operational tempo it may well not be a priority for your unit.
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