Football World Cup and Soldiers

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Outstanding, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Heard mutterings that soldiers serving in Germany may not be allowed to attend certain games, or wear team strips as they may offend locals.

    Should soldiers be constained like this, what if you are serving in UK and visit a game on leave or at a weekend?
  2. Assuming none of the soldiers are on the list of football hooligans held by the home office I see no reason why they should not be allowed to go to the games and wear the strips. It is hardly as if they are going to be the only fans in Germany wearing thier national shirts.

    I don't belive anyone is prevent from going for a beer at present in an England shirt...when I served there no locals were offended by the wearing of a football shirt. I hope that this is mutterings and remains a rumour.
  3. Heard that it is being considered for a decision!
  4. Are the strips being used as an excuse for "We really don't need the adverse publicity we know we'll get if several dozen D+D squaddies are lifted by the Polizei"?
  5. They can't stop them. Christ, they wear them round the Garrisons now and have been for years.
  6. I think it is a typical case of making a ruling that may not be needed, but just in case it is we will issue something. Net effect is that where nothing might have occurred, had it been left alone, Mr atkins and his pals will go against the ruling in principal-and then get in the poo, making the ruling seem justified. Is that perverse!?
  7. What legal grounds are the basis for this? Sounds to me like a gross abuse of power by someone. So you can't support your own national team, wear your own teams national shirt while off duty during a world cup but if you want to wear your uniform on a gay pride march you will be positively encouraged? Now THATS perverse!
  8. I live in Germany and have started wearing my england shirt out and about to get warmed up. A lot of the locals around by me dont give a monkeys toffe anyway (saying that most of them are Turks, who aint playing this year anyway)
  9. Cant say what the basis is, probably just someone being over cautious scary though and likely to wazz the boys off.
  10. Maybe we should start ripping the UJ's off our C95 in case it is seen as offensive. I think the remarks about it being a point of principle will ensure a lot more shirts are worn than otherwise. I'd love to see the 252 if anyone tried to AGAI 67 someone. I'd go for a Courts Martial on this!!
  11. It was tried with Springbok Rugby Shirts once before I remember.
  12. Have you got a link for this please, Outstanding?

    I've just had a butcher's on the forum and there's no mention of it. I'd like to ask the question there and get some answers from people who'll be directly affected, but I'd rather do it with a link.

  13. Sorry mate, just a rumour.
  14. This is not the first time. I served in Germany for just under nine years and can remember more than one occassion of being banned from attending an event and those events not always being in Germany. When I first arrived Ron Hill Union Jack shorts were all the rage for those keen on running. They were quickly banned across BAOR.
  15. sadly if "they" decuiide it is any kind of threat it will be banned!