Football Violence a la Balkans

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rickshaw-major, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. "One fan of the Sarajevo football club was killed, and dozens were wounded in Herzegovina’s town of Siroki Brijeg. Sarajevo fans came to support their club in a match with local Siroki Brijeg club. Witnesses described fighting between football fans as a "street war". One police vehicle was set on fire, glass and debris are scattered in the streets, and according to witnesses, there was shooting from automatic guns. Stones were thrown from both sides. Special police forces prevented further violence, and Sarajevo fans were escorted by the police to Mostar.

    Injured fans were rushed in several local hospitals.The football match was cancelled. Siroki Brijeg was short on police forces because of a match in Mostar between city’s Zrinjski and Velez clubs. Matches between the two clubs became notorious for fan violence. Managements of Siroki Brijeg and Sarajevo football clubs condemned violence and expressed regret for the killed fan."

    Edited to add -source - Bosnia Daily

    Another boring weekend in the countryside. Sadly it is estimated that some 25% of you men have ready access to firearms.
  2. I wonder if Platini will have any draconian measures to inflict upon both clubs or does he just reserve that for English clubs?
  3. Nice to see the Croat-Bosniak alliance is holding up well, anyway :wink:
  4. And an even larger perecentage (no doubt) have access to plastic garden furniture but for some strange reason, none seems to have been thrown. :?
  5. Killing someone with plastic furniture takes time and patience - and have you even TRIED to take a 6 foot plastic table and half a dozen chairs to an away game?
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Ah, that's where you are going wrong. The idea is to buy one of those blue and white folding jobby's that look like a large suitcase but fold out into a ready-made (and very useful) picninc table and benches. But they rae so deadly that I suspect they may be a banned weapon under the terms of the Geneva Convention ( Subsect 4659/2254: Weapons of Mass Made Construction.)
  7. Football is still for poofs.
  8. Granted, but poofs with semi-automatic weapons! :twisted:
  9. BA is right- recently two fecking idiots went to rob an all night petrol station! The mode of travel was bicycles and the weapons of choice were a locally (Yuogoslav) manufactured MG 42 and a rifle. The got the money -and caught but Sherlock Holmes was nowhere to be seen. :D
  10. And lots of practice (allegedly). I think the preferred method is to acquire some at the away game location rather than schlepping them with you.

    Seriously, it's a far cry from football in for example Canada where I refused the placard saying 'Go Canada Go' and the only threat I felt was a nasty look for refusing said placard and a slightly annoyed sideways glance when I didn't applaud Canada winning a throw-in. :roll:
  11. A bit like Arnie then?
  12. Unfortunately armed violence is a bit more endemic in this area of Europe for a whole lot of historical and not so historical reasons. Its a seperate topic but its is why lots of Balkanians of all persuasions are in some form of agreement with the "Hard Man at the Top" option of Government.
  13. "You're not ethnic cleansing anymore..." clap-clap-clap!
  14. Like the HCR?
  15. Bit dusty in here. RIP Football Fan, now at the main stand in heaven.