Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BB51, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. What a great result for Scotland 1-0 against France. Top of the table.

    Come on the Jocks.

    A poor result for England.
  2. Wish I was in the Auld alliance in Paris tonight...
  3. I not a Scots supporter but well done. I shall celebrate with a glass off G.H Mumm Grand Cru and a Cohiba, If Matron permits!
  4. Great one for the Sweaties...
  5. The Welsh had a shocker at home - beaten 1-5 by Slovakia.

    And the Tinks got beat 5-2 by Cyprus.

    TBH not a bad result for the Southerners, but that is a great result for Scotland - Ya Dancer!!

    N.I match is a late kick off!
  6. but engerland were unlucky especially against such a fine footballing nation as macedonia 8O 8O 8O 8O
  7. Just goes to show you know f all about footy. Well done to the Scots, fantastic result. England were poor, but Macedonia played very well

    Wales, though, blooming heck!!!
  8. Lets find a bandwagon and jump aboard

    Very journalistic like :D
  9. macedonia were the better team, engerland were "mince" & maybe now they have found out crouch is not international class.
  10. 10 goals in 11 games??? \How much more International class do you need to get?? He was marked out of the game tonight and should have been subed alot earlier
  11. the goals have all come against poorer opposition, be fair. it is a record to be proud of but i still have my doubts & with spud-heid off the boil at the minute you do not look like scoring in a hurry.
  12. Hmmmm, the old poor oposition argument. I used to use that until he kept on scoring, It just doesnt wash. Granted though, with tite defences, he doesnt have the strength in the box. With defences like tonight, you need Defoe or Bent to run them around a bit more
  13. on a purely footballing front argument i would have bent or johnson before i would have defoe.
  14. Last 10 mins, 2 small nippy attackers caused a bit of disorder,


    No complaints, Macedonia did very, very well and thoroughly deserved a point
  15. Granted, but Johnson is injured. Defoe can still do it