Football pitch = 1.5 mile run

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Can_do_attitude, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick question,

    Does anyone have an idea how many times I'd have to run round a football pitch to get to 1.5 miles?

    I only ask because I've only been running on roads. Think I need to get used to uneven soft terrain instead as roads for the selection run but there is no where near mine where I can even do this, all there is is a field with a few football pitches
  2. This depends on the size of the football pitch, as the rules state the pitch has to be between 50-100yds wide and 100-130 yds long, thus it could be as many as 9 laps or as little as 5 and a half.
    (answers rounded to the nearest half)

    Hope this has helped some, I have found it best to just run longer than a mile and a half, 3 mile say, at a decent pace. then when you do take your mile and a half run you'll have more in reserve towards the end to pick up the pace when the PTI's are shouting at you.
  3. depends on the dimensions?

    2400m : (2 x length [m] + 2 x width [m])
  4. On my local one, 8 times round was exactly 1.5 miles.
  5. If you get Google Earth (free download) you can measure routes anywherre on satellite photos.
    You can then plan your route or work out exactly how many laps of your sports ground it would be.

    Something I learned: 1.5 miles is a test not a training run. Get used to doing 3 miles at a time and just test yourself once or twice a week.

    Edit: Five milers are even better for sorting you out. If you can do five miles at ten minutes/mile you'll piss the 1.5 mile run.
  6. Linky

    Dude go on the web pag above, its google maps just double click on where you start your run then give turnpoints until it says 1.5 miles
  7. Mapmyrun is a good one for that as well. You can log them then as well under your profile.

    For example

    edit- I just clicked the link above which is for the same website