Football Manager 2010

Football Manager 2010 released today :D you can download it on Steam.

played the demo, just started a proper game this morning. it's really good - match graphics even better, with proper stadiums this time. interface improved throughout. main improvement for me is ability to tailor your tactics whilst playing - you can "shout" instructions from the sideline to cover most situations (retain possession, exploit the flanks, pump the ball into the box, that kinda thing - lots to choose from).

you can also select which types of news you get, instead of being bombarded. and you can analyse all your players just like on Sky - passes, shots on goal etc all graphically presented, so you can see where they are underperforming.

the best footie sim ever just gets better and better every year. that's my social life down the pan for the next few weeks.

if you already play - you know what you're getting. if you've not tried it - download the free 6 month demo and try it out. if you like footie, you'll not regret it!

right, now to sign Stefan Jovetic for Liverpool, and sell Dossena and that useless twat Voronin!
I think you might find that this SIM is so true to life that it might be compulsary to retain at least one pony tailed player in each Premiership squad. :lol:


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