Football Hooliganism

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Praetorian, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Is it alive and well?

    Having run into a "Firm" from a football club the other evening whilst having a few pink gins, It got me thinking, are there still bands of idiots who arn't known to the police who do this, or is it just a few old salts and a few little cunts who've been watching too much of the football factory?

    I know its mainly been eliminated in the Premiership, but what about the lower leagues?

    Thought this might make a nice change, something juicy for this forum, rather than "English Cricket is shite" and "Chelsea are better than Accrington Stanley" popping up every 10 minutes.
  2. This fooking mob are just the unemployable from Glasgow...It is alive and well, but it is led by men who are still grabbing at there youth.

    Particularly like the chanting...1r@

    Scum one and all.

    Tink Scum go to London
  3. Its still alive in the Prem....West Ham for instance still have a few old idiots who like to fight, as do , sadly, my own club. People living in the past..

    And of course you still have Leeds, Millwall and Cardiff that have big fing attitudes
  4. Its still about not as common as it used to be. I am a Happy Hammer by the way
  5. Theres to many cameras these days,city centre bans,football banning orders,radius bans,its is dead i have a few mates who are Forest lads and they say its dead because no one can see the point in getting arrested, fined,banned and sent to prison.
  6. Its certainly a lot mooe prevalent in League 1 and 2!
  7. Still going even in the Prem, just moved from the terraces into the pubs and nightclubs and tends to be more organised... Admittedly, far fewer people are involved, but it is still there...
  8. Totally agree. Trouble at the stadium is now rare, this is because it all takes place outside and is therefore not that widely reported. My team unfortunately are at it every week home and away.
  9. Its definitely still kicking off in places, I've been going to Everton games for over 35 years and seen the best and worse of troubled times, at Millwall in the FA Cup a couple of seasons ago it was like being back in an episode of 'Life on Mars', Millwall hadn't realised that times had changed, riot police, horses inside the ground and they were even fighting each other, some of the younger lads with us hadn't seen the like of it before. At Everton now there is the upper coming young thug who've called themselves 'The Ninjas' FFS! You can spot them a mile away as they all wear Lowe Alpine mountain caps for some reason! I go to the match to watch it and have a few ales with my getting older mates! The times they are a changing.
  10. Wasn't that the grand opening of another Primark in Nottingham?
  11. It is still about, it went away for a while but has reamerged again , probally down to the same reasons it was popular in the 70s & 80s. There are alot of white disenfranchised working class blokes around with a chip on thier shoulder . Sadly firms like these give these blokes a very warm welcome & before you know it they are sucked in. Ok it rarely happens at Stadia now but its definatley about in pre arranged offs, normally miles from the ground. I could name a few clubs that would supprise you who can tip up 40 or 50 handed, not a few fighters & hanger onners but 40 or 50 bona fide punchers !! Thats more than enough to get naughty with. Its a shame but tbh I dont give a fcuk about football anymore, its not a game now but big business. It can all rot in hell for all i care.

  12. I was sat having a few drinks outside a bar in concert square, Liverpool with two mates who were also both serving at the time, just so happens to be the day when Liverpool where playing Man City, suddenly all hell breaks loose with lots of stone island and burberry wearing chavs fighting a load of Lacoste tracksuit clad scallies, absolute mayhem! Chairs flying, women getting involved, blood etc. About ten minutes after it all finshed, a single policeman turned up on foot to have a bit of a nosy.
  13. A compliment to the English martial spirit .

    - Alan Clark MP
  14. 3 P's - Pie - Pint - Punch up - Have been going to footy since circa 77 and have been involved in many a disturbance (i mean caught up in it) very frightening when it happens, My worse ones have been Sunderland v Leeds circa 1980 - Bristol City v Charlton circa 94
    v Millwall circa 97
    v Cardiff circa 2000

    Dont quote me on the years as I have a shite memory for dates

    England v Tunisia WC1998
    England v Germany Euro 2000
    England v Slovakia Q 2002
    England v Portugal Euro 2004

    Funnily enough had no trouble to shout about at WC2006 Probably because it was so hot and I didnt move from the bar to get caught up in