Football clubs in financial trouble - were sorry

Guardian - League sets 25-point penalty benchmark for insolvency

Football League clubs which fall into insolvency and then fail to exit via a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) can now expect to be deducted 25 points in total, following the upholding last week of a similar sanction imposed on Leeds United. Clubs are expected to encounter this problem increasingly because Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs, always a substantial creditor where football clubs go into administration, is routinely voting against CVAs.
To all 40 clubs in dire straits, I'm sorry Leeds have set a precedent. Even Scum Utd with the millions it owes in interest alone and Chelski not being fed with cash anymore.......
And yet you never see the chairmen, managers, coaches, assistant coaches, tactical advisors or players or any other hangers on at these clubs driving fifteen year old escorts or catching a bus.
The_Cad said:
I don't quiet understand the logic of pushing a club in financial difficulties into even deeper poo.
Works on exactly the same principle as the banks charging you outrageous sums of money when you go overdrawn when broke.

Bound to help.

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