football (chelski)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cruisecontrol, May 3, 2005.

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  1. to all chelsea (spit) fans or supporters or anyone that has started supporting them since the kgb took over congrats on a excellent season i hope your all proud of roman ab for buying you the title of champions and hope that your proud of it.

    from, bitter arsenal supporter
  2. come on liverpool! hahahahahahahaha :lol:
  3. apart from sigs players come at no price, just the afternoon off work pleases everyone.
  4. .. Yes, one would like to say.. f*ck Chavski, they cant buy every trophy.. the chav f*ckers!
  5. well in cannon
  6. just a message to any chelski fans who have visited this thread what a great season you have won the leauge and the leauge cup who hasnt.

    can you hear the chelsea sing?, no i cant hear a fcuking thing ha ha ha ha ha ha bunch of overpaid losers.

    loads of love arsenal.( remember 49 ) you will never do it.
  7. They need some proper competition, give Leeds one year and they'll get it!
  8. Chelsea, Chelsea
    Who ever you may be
    Chelsea aint got not history
    Lampards fat
    The rest are queers
    They only win the league every fifty years

    To the 49'ers (Arsenal)
  9. outstanding cannon ill get it printed up and send it to the arsenal fan club to issue the next time we play the tossers.
  10. The Song has had to be edited since it used to be...They aint won the league in 49 years... welllll....
  11. hopefully it will be another 50 though mate
  12. Glad this aint in the NAAFI as only Scalies like footie...
  13. Ur not gonna get a bite, they can detect a bite at 1000 yards