Football... 2008 Euro Qualifiers

The 2008 European Championship group qualifying stage has become very interesting from a British and ROI point of view.

Living locally, I'm very proud to see Norn Iron playing some great football and tonight they played a passing game like not seen for years. A shame they couln't score a goal or two more from all their possesion but the brilliant Healy goal was enough. I can't wait 'till March. Top stuff.

Jocks played really well and although they had few chances they were unlucky with the refereeing decisions going against them. I hope they also qualify.

Wales put their humiliation behind them as did ROI to a lesser degree. I think it's unlikely these two countries will qualify but let's hope.

And my England! Players and managers wages this week must total close to £2,000,000. What a bunch of 'superstar' fcukwits they really are. I haven't seen the Robinson miss-kick yet and the so called John Terry 'Churchilian' pre game speech?!!! Give me fecking strength, what was that all about? Cnuts. :x
I'm of the opinion that if England players don't put in the effort, leave them out of the squad. It should be an honour to play for England, not a chore as half the England squad made it look. Lately the only person who seems to be really proud of pulling on an England shirt is Crouch. All the rest have been ordinary if anything.

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