Footage of Bliar in Iraq in front of not-happy-campers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Biped, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bliar has just done his 'farewell suckers' visit to Iraq and did the usual bit of forcing a bunch of squaddies to line up around him while he did his bullsh!t to the camera.

    Unlike on previous visits when the lads at least tried to look like they wanted to be there, this time they all looked as they and we feel. Nobody could hide the fact (as far as I can see) that not one person in the room liked the bloke.

    Taking a look at the faces around him, you can see the message writ clearly.

    "We don't want to fcuking be sat here while this Bush-Gimp bullsh!ts for the camera, this is boring and we all, to a man, hate your fcuking guts and wish you would die".

    Here is the only piccy I could find (the bigger group shots of the 'speech' have all magically been cropped to hide most of the p!ssed off faces.

    Well and Truly fcuked off Clicky from Beeb.

    Can anyone else finder a bigger group shot that shows everyone?

    What an odious, criminal, treasonous kn0bber this bloke is. Having the nerve to turn up unannounced and then force our hard working blokes to line up around him like Saddam did with those British kids in GW1 makes my blood boil. CNUT!!!
  2. Noticed this with a similar picture in the Guardian yesterday - they didn't just look bored, they looked utterly p*ssed off. Will see if I can find it, although it was also pretty closely cropped.
  3. Great picture i think it tells the whole story.

    Can tell he's (Blair) is doing a great job and the people i see look pi$$ed off or they are going to fall asleep as they have heard it all before.
  4. Ditto if only the delusional cnut would fcuk off and Die.
  5. Mr Maliki doesn't look as happy as Blair to be holding hands with our dearest leader in the BBC shots. I guess that's probably because of the damage done to his international standing, in being seen with him.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He's obviously realised that he's put himself on the Hajji Sh1t list by even talking to the cnut.

    It would be nice if these Hajji fellahs would do the patriotic thing to restore normal relations with the UK . . .
  7. Not long until you get the former at least, Halo :D
  8. Nice touch holding hands with the Iraqi bloke...very statesmanlike..

    I love this can just hear the blokes thinking "what a tool"

  9. I'll say this much, those are some bloody well disciplined troops.

    I don't think I'd been able to follow orders and sit near the twat like that and as for taking afternoon tea with the prick...
  10. [​IMG]
    Do the lads and lasses get any choice in whether they sit and listen to the slimy shite, or do they just get dicked for it?

    I also noticed that there were a load of bods sitting up the apples behind him.
    At first I thought this was a bit strange, since you'd want your audience in front of you normally. Then I twigged that the whole point of this embarrassing spectacle was to make it appear as if he was "one of the lads", i.e. in among them, instead of standing there on his jack like the fückin' tool he is.


    BTW. In all the time I've been on ARRSE, I've yet to see anybody make a positive remark about Phoney Tony - apart from Sven, that is.
  11. He's trying to be like Monty
  12. I think his mrs is going for a boob job soon and he is explaining to everyone how big they will be...
  13. he's wearing my old School Colours tie too, and I know he didn't go there...
  14. Bugsy "Do the lads and lasses get any choice in whether they sit and listen to the slimy shite, or do they just get dicked for it?"

    Do you see anyone there that looks like they've chosen to be there?!

    They get dicked for it - simple as - anyone know how many pers there were there? I only ask, wondering how tight the "doughnut" of people behind Blair had to be.

    The shot that I would like to have seen of Blair, was the shout of "Gas, Gas, Gas" - shortly after a mysterious explosion outside. And then catch the look on Blair's face, as everyone present dons S10.
  15. Look at the body language, they look like Gordon Brown during a Bliar conference speech.