Foot Stress Fracture


I have had foot pain for the last month and it has stopped me doing all phys, so I went to the docs yesterday and he said he thinks I have a stress fracture in my Metatarsal (sometimes called a March Fracture). I have to go for an X-Ray to confirm this but he's pretty confident thats what it is.

The treatment is purely rest, rest and more rest... for up to 8 weeks. Bloody hell. Has anyone out there had a similar injury and have you any tips to improve the healing time? He suggested trying a metatarsal pad but I have no idea of how effective they would be.

Thanks for help...

Your MO is right about the rest :( - as in impact and weight bearing activities - remember a stress fracture is a broken bone and needs time to heal the same as any other kind of break. You can try swimming (if they don't put it in plaster) or gerbil on a static bike. weights etc (in sittling!) just to save your sanity

It might be worth poppin along to a physio or podiatrist to see why its fractured, they generally don't just crack for fun. Have you upped your training recently or been tabbing more. If not could be a problem with how your feet and legs are built so worth getting it checked.


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Check out your foot wear there may be a need for more support. there is no miracle cure for fractures. try to cut down on high impact stuff.

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