Foot Problem

Wish i had found this site before as it would have saved me alot of fkn about!
Ive recently took the first step to signing up and have my BARB booked for early next week.Now ive just been reading through all the information i was given notably the section on your health and read that there are certain conditions which make you Permanently Unsuitable.Well my problem is that i have hammer toe on my right foot which im currently being treated for.My question is:Will i still be Permanently Unsuitable once it is corrected?? :? And should i perhaps put things on the back burner until this is sorted out??

Thanks TRW
personally i would speak to your army recruting team and tell them it would be better to get it sorted before you join than to get half way through your training and have problems. however. i cant see it being to much of a problem cause you can get further treatment in the forces hope this helps and good luck
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