Foot problem?


Well about a year ago my brother failed his medical at selection due to his foot arches being to high ( the opposite of flat feet i suppose) and was wondering if anyone has heard of this before? Just to say mine are not as bad as his but are still quite big and i just wanted to know if anyone could give me any infomation on this?

its called pes cavus and is often hereditary. It can cause problems because it's hard to fit shoes (and presumably big clod-hopper army boots) properly.That in turn can lead to problems with gait,callouses and corns! Whether thats the reason it gets you medically failed i have no idea,but because it cause your feet to roll outwards slightly it increases strain on knees,hips and ultimately spine. Maybe that combined with tabbing and carrying loads is enough of a reason for them to say no...who knows.Hope that helps

edit to add that apparently people with high arches are more at risk from ankle sprains due to stress on the ligaments on the outside of the ankle
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