Foot numbness on long runs

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chasndave, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. I've just been out for a 7 miler, as well I needed to after the weekend of wine / sh*te food / festering on the couch watching the Huddersfield vs Castleford game that I have just had. The run itself took me about an hour.
    Anyways, at about minute 35 of said run, my left foot went numb, particularly around the ball of the foot and big toe area. My trainers fit well, not too tight, and have new Sorbothane insoles in them. (I hoiked out the insoles they came with and put in the Sorbothanes myself). I have had this on previous occasions (with these trainers and others), mainly on treadmills, and I had put it down to bad technique (I must admit I run like a bit of a slouch!!). The numbness stayed for about 10-15mins, and went away over the course of about 2-3mins.

    I'm 37yrs old, 178cm (5ft10 in old money), weigh in at 13st, and fairly active. I've never had any problems with poor circulation, heart problems, anything like that.
    Can anyone shed any light on aforementioned foot numbness please? All sensible answers gratefully received.

  2. I get the same problem, never identified it myself.
  3. "Sometimes" Sorbothane can be counter productive when running!

    I have JUST noticed getting pain in my lower back after about 3 miles.

    The only thing I changed was I put a set of Double Strike in my trainers.

    I'm almost certain it is down to them.

    I am now, of the opinion, that just about "every" pain and odd sensation you get when running is entirely down to your feet and running gait!

    Go get your running gait checked by an expert and pay a few quid getting fitted for "proper" running shoes.

    I have been told that "proper" running shoes have to be changed every 400/500 miles, even if they look and feel ok!

    I giggled when I first heard it but I am now beginning to think that this is correct.

    I have a great pair of Asics Nimbus (I have been told that I have "neutral" pronation), they are in vgc but I have a feeling I need to change them soon!

    Shoes are "everything" in running mate!

    Have a look at the soles, are they worn on one side at all?

    Numb feet are a sure sign that your feet aren't happy mate!

    Numb Feet When Running!
  4. I am experiencing the same problem. My shin goes tight and calf then my foot goes numb, feels like i am running on a stump, been running for years and have never had the problem before. I have bought some new shoes about sixty miles ago. Could it be shin splints? I am thinking maybe its lack of circulation, I know I cant wait for it to pass. I am still running on it and it comes and goes. Good luck.

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  5. Suck it up, you girl
  6. Kirkilo

    No mate, that ain't shin splints.

    The principal symptom of shin splints (as I remember it anyway) consists of a searing pain on the front of the ankle, akin to a number of hot needles being dragged along yr shin from the base of yr ankle to a point about 3-4" below the patella.

    I have had this (v mildly) years ago and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
  7. I've just had my feet asessed by an expert and running is now the difference between night and day. Any professional running shop will give you excellent advice, Achilles Heel in Glasgow werent just interested in selling me the most expensive trainers.

    She has solved, what I thought was shin splints, which was actually the result of impact and advised me on the proper arch supporting trainers to align my pronation on neutral.

    My friend has also had her hip and knee pain solved and is also finding running much more enjoyable.

    Go and see a specialist, you dont necessarily have to pay through the nose for it.
  8. Your problem sounds like exercise induced compartment syndrome...sometimes requiring surgery (fasciotomy). Go see your local physio or sports med doctor. They may stick needles in your leg to measure compartment pressures to verify diagnosis.

  9. For those with general foot numbness without tightness in the shin or calf, there is a condition common among servicemen and women called marcher's digitalgia paresthetica. Could also be from tarsal tunnel sydrome if you are a severe overpronator.
  10. I used to get the same - just numbness in the foot, accompanied by no other symptoms in the shins etc.

    Stretching and loosening laces worked in the short term - long term, it came down to the trainers I was using. After having my gait analysed and changing from a somewhat well-worn pair of Reeboks to Nike Structure Triax, no more problems. I now change trainers every 9-12 months and have had no recurrence.

    I'm not saying those shoes will suit everyone - the key is the gait analysis and getting a pair of running shoes that suits you. Most decent running shops will offer this service, or know where to find it. (In London - Sweatshop in N. Finchley is excellent).

  11. if your shin muscles goes tight during your run and your foot goes numb you probably have got chronic compartment syndrome it should subside when you stop running and return to normal.causes shin muscle fascia has got tight and lost its elasticity so it doesnt expand when you run which causes the numbness and tight shins.go see pdiatrist see if you need orthotics,sports massage to loosen shin mucle,get a foam roller to loosen back calf could have a muscle imbalance between your calfs.see if your left and right calfs are the same size if they arent work on the smaller calf muscle to build it up to same size.your calf muscle may be weak and putting to much strain on your shin muscle.stop running on the roads and pavements and try softer surfaces like grass or being treated by my auntie who is a physio at the moment for chronic compartment syndrome.
  12. Could be a nerve getting pinched or sciatica.