Foot in Mouth disease

I'd just like to show my appreciation to the third week Gunner YO who, over the dinner table on Saturday, contributed to the age old conversation about 'sound advice'. You know the one, 'Don't eat yellow snow', 'never eat in a Korean restaurant next to a dog pound', and all that good stuff.

His contribution of, "You need to run more", whilst in and of itself somewhat short on the requisite humour and irony, was, and continues to be pithy, valid and worthwhile... and the fact that he looked up from his own starter and only to find that the other half of the conversation was a five foot ten, eighteen stone R Signals captain who'd just sat down with two overflowing plates of dinner, made my week.

Maybe you had to be there. Either way, Sir, I salute you. Here's hoping the stammer sorts itself out without the need for surgical intervention.

(Caveat: some of this tale may have been embellished for the war diary - you know how it is.)

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