Foot Guards in trouble?


Well spotted, in addition to loss of funds which paid the ed money and minibus hire to move the old soaks from Nesscliffe camp to Sir John Moore in Shrewsbury, we have lost the use of the camp, the use of the barracks, the use of the TA/AR as support drivers etc, lost the Friday night retreat and curry, the sunday morning church service and now are having to pay £10 each to march around the car park at Shrewsbury Town FC.
All in all fucked over. I expect they will ask us all to attend the RGJ one in Winchester soon and bin ours all together.
That said since this farce started our own Bn has its own online assoc' with several regional reunions each year a large presence at AvN and a big contingent at the Cenotaph.
I suspect that after the glow of the 50th anniversary fades most will vote with their feet.
good God no.

i felt the pain of 2RRF when they had to merge with them... (From an experience in Celle, late '90s).
Two company's had to reinforce 2RRF in the early 90's when the latter went to Ballykinler.I was lucky and stayed where I was.I spent a short time in Celle with 2nd some five or six years after this happened,and I saw that there was still a bit of needle,I was called a 1st battalion- insert insult- more than once.Couldn't wait to see the back of them.
BTW, our merge with 3RRF in 1992 worked quite well.
I sense you weren't very good at cleaning weapons...

Personally I've not been in a unit that worked past 10-1100he's on a Friday.
I sense you aren't very good at recognising that weapons are gleaming, but insist that they're 'cleaned' again.

If they aren't gleaming, you weren't very good at inspecting them before they were stowed last week.
i acknowledge your pain. The unfairness of having to perform nugatory work (in this case cleaning clean rifles). But you shouldn't have joined if you couldn't take a joke.

Or joined a more grown up capbadge.

That is all.
Your attitude demonstrates clearly that you're part of the problem.

That is all.
Your attitude demonstrates clearly that you're part of the problem.

That is all.
doubtful. No bloke of mine has ever done nugatory work off my back and I've fought against silliness from above. Including one memorable time I pulled out the jsp definition of leave. You seem to have formed a rather flawed opinion on myself purely from a regimental policy I had no hand in writing or enforcing... Think about that for a minute. I do however support that policy in the sole instance of the storming, norming and performing process of a new grouping (Rifles) from four previous groupings (D&D, RGBW, LI and RGJ). Is this policy in place in the RL? I also remember a QM at Donnington cutting around in RAOC and RLC cap badges like a modern-day Monty. Circa '93.

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