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Ok.As a cadet and with the T.A.I've done the Nijmegen march.Now I'm a reg and as I'm the nig I'm on my feet most of the day!My feet haven't really recovered properly after Nijmegen and ain't really been the same since I did my 1st one in 2000.Issue boots just ain't doin my feet any good at all should I ask if I can wear my Magnum's?And has anyone got any care tips for my poor knackered feet?
You in training as a reg or at your unit? Either way mate, I'd run the risk of wearing my own boots, whats the worse that could happen? Better to get a small beasting than getting shipped to the med centre to be diagnosed with something and be on the biff
Report to the quack toot-sweet.

If you're still in training he'll probably stop you being back-squadded or binned if things go too far.

Even if you're not, the best thing that may come of this is he'll refer you and you'll get your gucci-booties paid for by HM Govt.


Wash your feet every morning and every night, dry them well and apply footpowder, making sure you massage it in well.

After a week or two, if you are still experiencing the problem, you need to report sick and have your feet looked at.

If it does the trick, next step is after washing and drying your feet before going to bed, rub vaseine into your feet then put on some thin cotton socks and go to bed.

Repeat this every night for about a month, you will notice that your feet feel lovely and supple, any hard callussed skin has now softened up but will remain as tough as it was before. This will prevent blisters by reducing the hard skin rubbing on the soft skin causing painful hot spots and deep rooted blisters.

Also apply vaseline to your feet prior to tabbing or running long distance on roads.
Are the blisters small and perfectly circular? If so it could be an allergic reaction to your own sweat. It's temporary and normally causes by being unused to wearin boots for long period.

Best treatment is to wash and powder your feet as often as possible and get your boots off as soon as you can.
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