Foot arch problem


Hello all,

I noticed part way through Herrick 8 that i was experiencing bad rubbing on the arch (it would end up bleeding) on my right foot when i was running in trainers. Both my feet seemed to be fine in boots (Lowa Deserts) so i put it down to worn out trainers or my feet just getting used to being back in soft trainers and just taped it (foot) up when running.

When i got back i continued to run using the 'knackered' trainers - i thought trying to ease my feet back in to my trainers, but to no avail, so off to spend some £££.

So i had the video gait analysis, my old trainers were looked at (it was confimred they were knackered), and new ones suggested. My old ones were Asics Kayano 15's, and it appeared that my running style suited these best, so a new pair were purchased. Anyway, i've been knocking up some mileage but my foot is still suffering the same issue, coupled with this my boots (again Lowas) seem not to be quite the fit they were - lots of pressure on the outside of my foot as if i'd become almost "flatfooted". is this possible??

I'm at a losss as where to turn without spending more £££ in the process - is the symptom something someone recognises, if so is there an easy fix?

thanks in advance for any advice.
Looks like your arches are collapsing. Arch supports needed perhaps.

If the problem is even slightly reduced when you wear your Lowas is there any way you can swap the insole from your boots into the trainers to see if the problem is relieved a little? Sometimes they don't fit but it might be worth a go.


Thanks for the reply - i've tried swapping a number of insoles (some are ridiculously expensive) around in boots and trainers now. this is an arrse if the arch is going. What's the normal treatment for it - special insoles???



Research Plantar Fasciitis. Compare your symptons with this and see if you recognise any. There are numerous treaments available for it, however none seem to have helped me. I keep it in check by moderating
impact training and icing/anti inflammatory etc.