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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dhgrainger1, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Every time I run I get peely dry skin on my feet and it's a right jeff. If I leave it alone it dries out and get's itchy. If I cut it or pick it off, it invariably hurts a day after when I try and walk or run it. So, solutions anyone?
  2. foot moisturiser.....
  3. Prior to going to bed, rub vasiline onto your feet and put an old pair of sock's on then goto bed.
  4. medicated foot powder.
  5. You just word search the forums for the word vaseline don't you Jarrod? Outstanding hermer drills there my man! :D
  6. Duly noted!
  7. Slosh a load of surgical spirit on your feet, morning and evening. Have to admit, sounds to me as though there's something up with your feet- maybe think about seeing someone a bit more medically qualified than us if it doesn't clear up?

  8. Vaseline heats up with the friction, so not a very good lubricant.
  9. My drunken efforts at dry bumming passed out girls at parties has not adequately equiped me for further discussion in this matter. The floor is yours..................

    Sounds like your feet have a problem. Would not suggest surgical spirit until you know what's up; it could lead to cracked skin. Is it all over the foot or around the edges of the sole?
  10. See a doctor who is qualified to give advice on such matters.

    Oh and Man Up!
  11. Mostly occurs on the balls and heels of the foot, though has been known to extend into the arches and toes as well! I've had peely skin on the feet forever, but it's not been this frequent, and it's pretty irritating as pretty much as soon as it grows back it peels again. Eeek.
  12. Do you wear trainers all day or generally exist in a student ming-haze of poor foot hygiene? Would suggest you wash/bin you insoles and see a doc either way.

    Then man the fukc up! :D
  13. one word....podiatrist!!! Off you go and see a professional!
  14. As if I can afford that! I'll get some Vas on it tonight and wash my trainers and slippers. Hopefully that'll work!
  15. Your feet may drop off and result in you bleeding to death until you die from it.