Fools of Babylon *** 9/20


Summary: In Washington, D.C., Babylon on the Potomac was found "the blood of the saints and of all who have been slain on the earth." (Rev. 18) "O God! Pride of Man, fallen in the dust again!" Quicksilver Messenger Service. 9/20 Lethal prostate biopsies?

Prelude: Pity the poopheads? You should not spare them, harbor them, conceal them, etc. You should know better than that. Above all, you do not argue with their stupidity. They get all emotional, don't they? They fake emotions! They can't feel emotions! Their brains have been fried! They want you to pity them so they can go out and do something more detestable. ""Were they ashamed when they committed abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall", says the Lord." (Jer. 6:15; 8:12) Bush Daddy says that those in Edom are told that they have to keep serving the Bush Nazis until they are dead. (Prov. 16:25) What? Who? Huh? Bush Daddy also said that Nazi Death Doctor, Nicky Exarchou said that he was a doctor until somebody proved otherwise; thus they immediately beat him up and asked if that proved otherwise. Wishful thinking? Jim Morrison returns! "World's been breeding poopheads, heh?" 8/30 Bush Daddy says that he has been a poophead for seventy years. Is that the seventy year reign of the King of Babylon? (Jer. 25:11-16) 70 years of brushing people off, saying they are too Gad damn important to talk to anyone and killing anyone who questions their stupidity. From FDR to JFK (Jesus Freak Kid, they called him) to W, Bush Daddy has been in control. 9/3 Bush Daddy said that a couple hundred thousand not 7 million Jews died in the Holocaust; i.e. the Jews who opposed the reign of the Bush Nazis. Don't forget that #2 Nazi, Hermann Goering said, "I decide who is or is not a Jew." 9/7 Osama bin Laden is in the news today. As I have written, Bush Daddy said that bin Laden is a U.S.-educated poophead pal of the Bush Nazis, claiming credit for every poopheaded thing that they do. 9/20 Fatal infections from biopsies of the prostate?

Dieback at Cornell

I have witnessed the multilation of the Northern Red Oaks on Cornell campus and many other places. I suspect that this is the result of brainless pursuit of the symptoms and the intentional neglect of the only proven recourse:

I was observing the tent caterpillars on trees at SUNY at Binghamton this spring, and I advised them to put the treated burlap barriers on the trees to kill the caterpillars as was being done at the Binghamton Courthouse at the time. They failed to follow my advice; thus the caterpillars severely decimated a lot of trees. As a result of this I have concluded that this is probably what the whole dieback scenario is all about. Dieback is merely a defense mechanism of the tree. Once a good percentage of the leaves are eaten, the tree will selectively die back in order to survive. All of the listed causes of dieback are probably merely symptoms. Ask and I will tell you great and hidden things you do not know. Yours truly, Bobby Meade Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture '76 rsm86 (at) No personal emails get thru at this address. Go Figure.

Also from Ithaca: I was looking for my Chemical Modus Operandi article of 2001, and I found it inaccessible. I believe that is where I described the following: "When I lived in Slaterville, they dumped such an incredible amount of sulphuric acid that it was burning the leaves and killing all the maples in Ithaca. I would have to ride a bike with a breathlyzer with the filters covered with wet cloths attached with rubber bands. The Plant Pathology Department said that it was a virus, so I named it, the Gad-damned Gar Gan Virus after the tribes of Gar and Gan, which were added to the Green Bibles of the early sixties; i.e. the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. It turns out that many of the Nazis that came to this country from Germany had assumed names with Gar and Gan as the first three letters. Don't larf!" As I have written, these chemicals, calcium, sulphur, acid, anthrax, arsenic, phosgene, wormwood, asbestoes, etc. cause numerous ailments such as diabetes, Alzheimers, flu, Parkinson, asthma, whooping cough, thyroid disorders, pneumonia, etc. Consider also that this arises from "Hitler's Health Care", for they used the concentration camps to determine what effects many chemicals had on people, and most of the resulting information has been suppressed so that the medical field may prey on people. The medical profession is set up to treat these ailments without regard to the cause. If you mention the chemicals, you are likely to be picked up for having delusions. I have mentioned most of these things in my articles, which were listed in Bush Daddy Ramifications; but I could not access it or many of the articles by title. My makeshift air filter, which is made by strapping a T-shirt to a box fan and keeping it wet with baking soda and water is still the best solution that I have for chemical onslaught. Today there is news of an asthma epidemic in NYC. Are they too stupid to move for survival? The last time that I heard of any attempt to filter the air using water was in the early sixties; thus they continue to sell air filters that do not do a thing about acid in the air. It eats the lungs! It has no smell and little taste. Pain in the lungs comes when there is acid in the air once the damage has begun. Emphysema is the end result. A box fan on high speed can remove all acid within seconds! When you can taste it in the air again, you have to wet the cloth on the fan with the soda and water solution again. (8/22 Syracuse Post Standard reported yesterday that 20 million Americans have diabetes. 8/25 As I learned and revealed from Occupational Health and Safety ('70s & '80s) and other sources in 2001, diabetes is caused by prolonged elevated levels of common chemicals, such as calcium and sulphur, which block the uptake of Zinc and the production of Vit. K, and that causes the pancreas to go awry or shut down.) Of course Hitler's Health Care will be too happy to treat only the symptoms of what ails you.

From, Environmental Issues, Dieback at Cornell; a nonaccessible website:

Dear Phorester and company,
Do you think that your highfaluting knowledge is safe in a closeted community like It is no joke what they are doing with the landscape business up north. As I said, it was the forest tent caterpillar, which does not make a tent, that was eating the leaves, resulting in the dieback of the top branches. Bush Daddy reveals that it is the foolproof plan of the Bush Nazis to say there is no proof that the caterpillars are eating the leaves and causing dieback if you can't see the tents or catch the caterpillars in the act. He further says that the tree nursery business is supporting this dieback because the trees are cut early in life, and it is necessary to buy more trees. All your talk of scientific approach doesn't mean diddlysquat, for you are just attempting to obfuscate the matter. You are in league with those who would destroy the earth. Enjoy your game while you can. BobbyMeade

Bel Bows Down, Nebo Stoops Low! *

"I will cut off from this place the remnant of Baal ... and those that are turned back from the Lord; and those that have not sought the Lord, nor inquired of Him." (Zeph. 1:4-6) As you should know, the lawless Israelites did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and served the Baals; i.e. Bush's Asinine **** Lovers (see Bush Daddy Religion), and they forsook their Lord. (Judges 2:11) Bel is the Babylonian dialect form of Baal, and in Babylonian mythology, it is the god of heaven and earth; i.e. the Dragon, which is also the Serpent, originating from the snake worship of Egypt. Bush Daddy has been posing as Bel himself, flying around in the Eagle (Is. 14:13-14), badgering his "military"; i.e. the media into supporting outright lies; starting wars to justify leadership etc. Thus he will be brought down. (Is. 14:15 Dan. 7:4)

Nebo is another Babylonian god of speech and writing, and it is manifested in Samaria in the professed intelligence of those of Edom who are using bogus educational credentials to uphold the reign of the Bush Nazis. "Edom is those who serve the Bush Nazis of the lawless Jacob, BD (Amos 6:8; Gen. 25:23, 30; 36:1; Mic. 1:5); thus the Lord has a great slaughter in the land of Edom." (Is. 34:6) As I made clear in Education of Fools Exposed and similar articles, these Bush Nazis go to any graduation and slap each other on the back, saying that they graduated, then they go out and forge a diploma that is never questioned. They probably can't tell you what year they graduated! Bush Daddy confirms that Wikipedia is also his "military". Just try to communicate with Wikipedia, and you will find mumbo jumbo with hundreds of similar links for the simplest procedures. Why would anyone try to refute one of their many falsehoods? As a result of this, the wisdom of their wise men shall perish. (Is. 29:14) It's the biggest "crotch of excrement" on the internet. "Woe to those who feel secure in Samaria, you notable men of the foremost nation." (Amos 6:1-14)

The Bush Nazis have been given power to rule until God's word are fulfilled (Rev. 17:17), that is until they are all killed; thus I told Maine how foolish they were to try to impeach such stupidity. Bush Daddy said that his kid is a candidate for living dismemberment. (Ps. 53:5) Is he talking about Jeb or W or the whole lot of them? Should I care? Bush Daddy said this means that the limbs of the designated target will be duct taped and cut off. Each time the person revives another limb will be cut off and/or shortened until he or she succumbs. BD said recently that the crowds were yelling, "Dismember the dumkopf!" to W. Then he said that they were going to dismember the Storm Troopers that tried to silence the crowds until the Troopers fulfill his words against his own kid. That's probably so they don't make BD do it himself. That's how you deal with such stupidity. Use BD's own tongue against them. (Ps. 64:8) In fulfillment of God's word, the sin of his mouth let him be trapped in his pride (Ps. 59:12; Prov. 12:13; 13:13). The Lord will punish Bel in Babylon and make him eat his words. The nations will stream to him no more, for the wall of Babylon has fallen. (Jer. 51:44) He is less than nothing, and his works are utterly worthless; he who chooses him is detestable. (Is. 41:23-24) "You shall not yield to him or listen to him, nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him, nor shall you conceal him; but you shall kill him; your hand shall be first against him to put him to death. (Deut. 13:6-9) I will judge each of you according to his ways. (Ez. 33:17-20) He that will hear, let him hear; and he that will refuse to hear, let him refuse." (Ez. 3:16-27); thus "Bel bows down, Nebo stoops low." (Is. 46:1) stoop = knock senseless

Forum Topix Hacked; Al Qaeda at Cornell?

World News Forum Topix: I attempted to post this comment numerous times after the Bel article and/or the Dieback article. The articles kept disappearing every time I posted the comment, then I would post the article as a comment and the comment would disappear and the article would appear again. THIS SITE IS NOT SECURE AT ALL!!!

Comment after Bel Bows Down, Nebo Stoops Low! * on Ithaca Forum Topix, where I was forced to post 3 times before any would appear: Do you see what the dumkopfs do? I posted this again because there was nothing here from what I posted an hour ago. Is Dennis Kolva still leading a pack of hackers up at Uris Library under an assumed name? You know Dennis. Big hairy guy. Used to be Rudy Baga for the Grapevine, where they would try to correct his illiteracy. Professor Bob Mower banned that guy from campus when he caught him stealing from the flower beds in front of Plant Science.((Psst!) Dieback at Cornell! Pass it on!)

This arises because Zion's secret police control that campus. In The Beast Raises Its Head Again (Abduction at Cornell), I made clear how these Cornell cops couldn't read an ID that I had paid $125 for, kept me handcuffed to a pole for three hours, fingerprinted me five times, and tried to get me picked up by Hitler's Health Care again. A year or so after that in 2003, they did succeed in getting Ithaca police to come abduct me again. My years in captivity have enabled the Bush Nazis to proliferate their poophead kingdom to an extreme. These cops at Cornell are hand-picked Bush Nazis from the White House, where they worked for a day or two. They would say, "This one's stupid, he'd make a good cop! That one's stupid, he'd make a good cop! This one's so Gad-damn stupid, he'd make a great cop!" There are forty or fifty of these cops, for that is what it probably takes to defend such stupidity. Every one of them claims to have a college degree, which is most likely backed up by a forged diploma. The computer hackers think that they are invulnerable because these cops back them up in anything they do; plus they are protected by Bear Access, which cloaks their hacking and use of secret access codes. As for the probable link between the WTC disaster and Cornell, Dennis Kolva was friends with an FAA official in DC, for we went to DC to remodel his brownstone @ 1979 on 18th NW & Florida Ave. As for the claims of Khalid Mohammed, his presence at Cornell, and his apparent disappearance; he was probably picked to take the blame without knowing that I was aware that he had been up at Cornell. These cops apparently knew in advance of the WTC because they were down there immediately. Everything that you need to know about such things is probably stored on the hard drives of servers and Cornell computers. As revealed in Pascal.Tesson: The Pride of Quebec; my account of Operation Desert Sabre, revealing that it was a total fabrication, lasted three days on Wikipedia, then Pascal.Tesson, an apparent Bush Nazi of Quebec City removed it. I guess that proves that Wikipedia is the biggest "crotch of excrement" on the Internet. Bush Daddy said that history would tell his tale; thus they try to cover up what happened in the Persian Gulf War, trying to change the set times and laws. (Dan. 7:25) Instead of admitting that no one died in that war 1/16-2/7/91, they extended it to 2/28, fabricated Operation Desert Sabre, said that an ammunition explosion was a scud missile from Saddam, and many more falsehoods. Bush Daddy also reveals that this fabricated second half of the PGW was used to kill those soldiers who tried to find out what happened 1/16-2/7 (700 allied deaths with no details!). The fabricated Operation Desert Sabre and the extended PGW are probably the best trap that they have set for their own lives. Let them defend that nonsense. (Is. 57:12)

PS: Bush Daddy says that the mentioned hackers made the WTC disaster happen by transmitting the threatening messages that coerced the pilots into crashing the jets. Since these hackers didn't know what they were transmitting, the foolproof plan is to say that they cannot be held guilty. (Zech. 11:5) That's how the Serpent operates. Re: Cornell; i.e. Big Red; i.e. ".. the Lady in Red! Take my advice, you'd be better off dead!" J. Garcia "Casey Jones" Don't worry! They don't have enough men to defend such stupidity!

FYI: I posted the following on Desert Storm com. forums. I posted it as a poll in General Discussion.

PGW: Was There Really a War? **

Once I assumed responsiblity for that war, I put my heart into it, and not one single soldier died! Prove me wrong!

Bush Daddy Delusions author: Robert Meade Jul 26, 2001

Just as Bush Daddy probably never gave a speech when he was in the White House, he probably didn't have anything to do with what happened in the Persian Gulf War; but he covers that up by acting like he is too modest to talk about it.

My Daddy said that the Persian Gulf War was the fulfillment of prophecy in respect to the eighth Chapter of the Book of Daniel, Daniel's dream of the Ram and Goat. Saddam Hussein was the Ram over there, doing as he pleased, walking all over everyone. "If the Israelis had taken a clue from the Persian Gulf War, they would have understood that was the way to fight a war, for I set that war off. When troop buildup started, I began writing to every single D.C. official who had anything to do with the military, (the numbers and addresses for the military were in the phone book at that time) warning them, among other things, not to dig in over there but to move on Saddam Hussein relentlessly. (I even wrote to Saddam Hussein, berating him for behaving the way he was, asking him what his problem was, couldn't he "get any good drugs over there?", and offering to send him Marion Barry to help solve this problem; but they apparently never did send the letter even if they did tell him to expect Marion Barry.) When they started to dig in after troop buildup was complete, I went to Lafayette Park across from the White House, wearing a sign depicting the "Heart of Israel", and descended on a group of peace protesters. In the loudest voice that has probably ever been heard in DC, I let them know that "I come to fight a Holy Holy Holy War! I'm fighting in a Holy Holy Holy Land! That makes me a Holy Holy Holy Man!" I sang that twice, and even all the way to Capitol Hill, they probably said; "You hear that! There must be a crowd of people calling for a Holy War over at the White House!" (In my letters to DC officials I had told them that I was going to let them know when to move on Saddam Hussein, and I must have unconsciously sensed that this was the only way that I was ever going to get through to them again. I told the peace protesters: "There is no war! Get out of here!"; and they left; but I bet they were surprised when they got home.) The media recorded this (me in Lafayette Park), it went to the ends of the earth, and the planes were in the air within minutes. A million man army advanced, few shots were fired, and the war was over within days. Never on earth has such a thing happened, for nobody died! (If they had kept pursuing Saddam, they probably could have chased him all the way to Iran with minimal losses; but when they stopped, I said that was enough, for their power over Saddam had been broken. They should cherish those empty body bags always. I've heard that they are condsidered holy items in Kuwait. The Iraquis who died were probably shot or run over by their own men, but I doubt if Saddam would admit that.) Deaths did occur in what were probably creative nonviolent "accidents" after the War (i.e. among the allies, handling what they were told was not live ammunition). President Bush wanted nothing to do with it until he saw how it came out, then he started bragging about it even though he never stood up for it (Bible says he was putting "on great airs") 11/1/00 Israel, the Holy Nation was probably born at Lafayette Park that night. Billy Graham was sitting there with the President when it happened. Since then the lawless ones have continuously been persecuting and murdering those who acknowledge Israel, the Holy Nation or those who reveal what really happened to make that war come out the way it did. Since I wrote the above article, note the attempts to try to publicize that someone died in that war, even going so far as to go lay a wreath for them. I even wrote to the military regarding the Persian Gulf War Syndrome, explaining that it was probably primarily caused by petroleum poisoning from the burning oil wells and that immediate vigorous exercise along with copious water and lemon juice was probably the best remedy. If they didn't do that, the poison probably caused permanent damage throughout the body. So that War was probably an act of God with Him using me as a conduit for His voice, for I was extremely distressed about those soldiers digging in over there. I knew that Saddam could have slaughtered them like insects. The former President Bush used my 15 months of unlawful hospitalization as an occasion to portray himself as a "mover and a shaker" in that War in order to help get his son in the White House.

Comment: Foolproof Plan? by Robert Meade 2007-05-01 8:40
"Whisper something soft and kind.." (psst) "That's not live amunition." Saddam probably never raised a finger against the U.S..

Comeupance! ** June 2007

A nation of poopheads? He who does evil is in line for his own death. (Pr. 11:19)

"The curse of an evil deed is that it will always continue to engender evil" Schiller There is no war in Gaza, Iraq or Afghanistan! It is poopheads blowing people up, and the System is set up to protect poopheads. Poopheads tricking people into blowing themselves up etc. Rumors of War! Nothing more, nothing less. Don't forget that Hamas is part of the Serpent. Bush Daddy says that Al Qaeda, Fatah, and Taliban are also part of the Serpent. (9/15 "The day of their watchmen, of their being given attention, has come." (Mic. 7:4) I presume that this means that all soldiers should assume the role of observers on the defense, for the look on their faces betrays those who have been promoting a world of poopheads.(Is. 3:9) All the watchman has to do is say something that results in the dumkopfs betraying themselves, then the watchman identifies them and watches what happens. The soldiers should be in secure bulletproof outposts. That is the only way to help people over there. Also the veiled women were supposed to be unmasked 2/24/07! Don't you understand that terrorists dressed in drag are being shuttled about by them? As I have written, the Lord will take away all of their finery, their hoods, and their veils.(Is.3:16-25)) Bush Daddy said that history would tell his tale; thus they try to cover up what happened in the Persian Gulf War, trying to change the set times and laws. (Dan. 7:25) Instead of admitting that no one died in that war 1/16-2/7/91, they extended it to 2/28, fabricated Operation Desert Sabre (see Yahoo), said that an ammunition explosion was a scud missile from Saddam, and many more falsehoods. Bush Daddy also reveals that this fabricated second half of the PGW was used to kill those soldiers who tried to find out what happened 1/16-2/7. (700 allied deaths allegedly occured in that war. When I browsed the casualties, I found deaths listed from 10/90-11/99 and only three of them that I found, Lovell, Herr and Grimm, supposedly occurred during the actual war. Check it out. Find out if they really died in or from that war because there was not a single death reported in the Washington Post, which I bought First Edition every single day of the war.) (7/14 In reply to the posting of 30 alleged casualties, most of which supposedly occurred on 1/31/91: I read all of that which you posted, and not a single one of them was reported in the national news on those days or in the days that followed. The alleged invasion of Kuwait by Saddam's armored division that allegedly occurred when the C-130 was shot down was also never reported. Saddam was hundreds of miles away by that time, and his entire army was with him. Was Saudi Arabia a front in that war? The war was in Iraq. It was probably friendly fire. Every single one of them, and that is why it was never reported. Please ascertain that these dates and names are coming from the military too, and the dates on which they were publicized, for I am quite certain that there was not much ever publicized until I posted Bush Daddy Delusions in 2001. As for the current war being poopheads blowing people up, consider that whoever is dispatching troops may have advanced knowledge of where these roadside bombs are located; but they are concealing that info. How in heck can Al Qaeda go and plant those things without being detected by someone? I stick to my claims until you prove that these mentioned men died from hostile fire. Consider also that many of these were involved in Special Forces. Could that be another arm of Zion's Secret Police?) History ended and the end of all things drew close when the PGW happened. There was never supposed to be another war. This is proof that the Bush Nazis have been given power to rule until God's word are fulfilled (Rev. 17:17), i.e. until they are all killed. "Do something, whether good or bad so that we may be dismayed and filled with fear. Behold, you are less than nothing, and your works are utterly worthless; he who chooses you is detestable." (Is. 41:23-24)

Why haven't the Bush Nazis been trapped by the sin of their mouths? (Ps. 59:12) Bush Daddy's "military", the media has overextended it's rights to copyrightable expression by saying that news is copyrightable when it is not original to them; thus they create their own Copyright Clearance schemes in their futile attempt to rewrite history with fabrications. As I remember copyright law, you can reproduce any printed material as long as you don't make money on it; plus you have to use it and label it: For Educational Purposes Only. The solution is to get the original releases that confirmed that PGW was a plus or minus 21 Day War, post that info everywhere, and keep your powder dry.

All Shook Up? 7/16/07 Desert Storm com (Removed!)

Chew on this! Your Dagger X-ray has apparently removed two articles that I posted here a few days ago, proving that this site is a stronghold of the Bush Nazis, upholding the lies of the Bush Nazis. Are you all shook up about my words? Are you feigning distress 24/7 like the typical Bush Nazi? The Lord's coming Kingdom of Israel does not get shook about such things. As a matter of fact, it cannot be shaken. (Heb. 12:28) I don't believe that a one of you is a soldier. If you don't think that the following belongs here, consider that the mentioned King of Israel is also going to be the King Of All The Earth. Although I didn't know the soldiers of the PGW, they were my friends, and I did my best to assure the survival of every one of them who had the sense to get out that place after the war. By God I pay back my friends! Although I only talked to them a few minutes during the two times that I encountered them in their short lives, Sarah and Jennifer were also my friends. After they were murdered, I promised their parents that the whole earth was going to scream for those two girls. That includes you! Read on:

On page four of the October 9, 1996 New York Daily News, it was reported that five days earlier Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc had gone to be with their Lord. As it is written, Bush Daddy brags that there were approximately 27 people present when these two girls were butchered in Cortland County by those trying to put their bodies through a woodchipper. I remember these "blossoms in the field"; "a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a people devoted to God"(1 Peter 2:9). I knew these two girls personally, from when they were toddlers and from when I met them in DC a year or so before this happened. These girls personified love, for in them "was life, and that life was the light of men". (John 1:4) If you want to see this love that conquers all, try badmouthing these two girls and see how far you get. When Sarah and Jennifer obeyed His servant's words by upholding this law He set in Israel, they became God's people, resulting in the formation of Israel, for wherever two come together in His name, He is there with them (Is.50:10; Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:32; Ps. 78:5; Matt. 18:20). Israel became a reality on November 11, 1997 when I wrote in the "Good News" that there is a tribe "...that lives and dies and breathes that Sarah and Jennifer are a country as of this moment, a nation on that day". Now the righteous have disappeared from the land (Mic. 7:2); but they live, for their spirits now rest under the altar with the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained.(Rev. 6:9, 11) Their work lives on after them:

"Fear God! Give Him glory! The hour of His judgment has come! Judgment begins with Israel, the family of God, over a law He set in Israel, things that He commanded our forefathers to make them known to their sons. By the word of their testimony, Sarah and Jennifer have created Israel, a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a people devoted to God. They did not fear the reproach of men; they were not terrified by their insults; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Those who were once not a people, are now God's people, Israel, a holy nation. They have been singled out! They have been persecuted! They have been shot, smashed, and brutalized in an inhuman way! Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His loyal ones. The Bear Lord has set out to bring home our own badness on us. A destroyer has set out to subdue even Kings before him! Let all the earth fear the Lord! In storehouses surging waters; He is forming their hearts all together; His way is in the storm and the whirlwind; His power is in the sky; His tempestuous wind accomplishing His word. An onward sweeping tempest that will not turn back until He will have carried out the ideas of His heart; "666, love George Herbert Walker Bush, the uncrowned king of Babylon, the lawless Jacob, the Great Dead King of Israel." A country in a moment! A nation in a day! A house for the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer, for He will bring them back; they are the Holy Ones of the Supreme One; His law that He set in their Heart; and His words that He has put in their mouths, shall not not be removed from their mouths, or from the mouths of their offspring, from now on even until time indefinite. Once not a people, now God's people, Israel, a holy nation! Let all the earth fear the Lord! In the Lord alone is goodness and strength!" (Ps. 111:10; Rev. 15:4; Is. 51:5; 1 Peter 2:10; 4:17; Ps. 78:5; Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:32; 1 Peter 2:9; Is. 51:7; Rev. 12:11; 1 Peter 2:10; Matt. 5:10-12; Ps. 116:15; Is. 13:11; Dan. 7:5; Amos 9:1; Jer. 4:7; Is. 45:1; Ps. 33:8,15; Nahun 1:3; Ps. 68:34; Ps. 148:8; Jer. 30:23-24; Rev. 13:18; Is. 14:4-22; Mic. 1:5; Hosea 10:3,15; Is. 66:8; Mic. 4:1-2; Ez. 37:12; Dan. 7:27; Matt. 20:23; Amos 6:8; Ps. 78:5; Is. 59:21; 1 Peter 2:10; Is. 45:24)

That's the story of Israel! "Who are you that you fear mortal man, that you were in dread constantly the whole day long on account of the rage of the one hemming you in?" (Is. 51:12-13). Do you forget that your Lord has promised to deliver your soul from death itself and bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is, the Devil?(Ps. 33:19: Heb. 2:14) ""Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit", says the Lord Almighty"(Zech. 4:6).

7/18 Having been banned from Desert Storm com by a Dagger X-ray and from Military Forum Ltd. com by a ClutterbusterNY, I have concluded that most military forums are in the hands of Bush Nazis upholding the lies of the Bush Nazis. Dagger X-ray has removed four posts from Desert Storm com, including All Shook Up? and a comment on Sarin exposure article. ClutterbusterNY revealed the following:

ClutterbusterNY: You don't even seem to have your facts straight with regard to the murders of Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc. According to this article: it happened in Tomkins County...not Cortland as you stated. Since John Andrew, the neighbor who was accused of the crimes committed suicide in Tompkins County Jail shortly after his arrest; we can't be sure it was him...perhaps it was even you!
07-17-2007, 11:03 AM #8 (permalink) Deaf Messenger Banned

Dear Clutterbuster;
... I revealed in A Love That Roars, 11/5/96, mailed to 34 newspapers, John B. Andrews was murdered. They tied shoelaces to his feet and neck and watched, then they said that he hung himself on a coat hook five feet off the floor. Go try that! Emery Guest, the chief of Zion's Secret Police in Tompkins County has staffed every single police department with dumkopf Bush Nazis. Even though he retired long ago, his work lives on after him. Who told you that the girls were murdered in Tompkins County? I bet that was never supposed to be made known. Consider that Dryden bragged that there was not a single murder in the 1800s even though people were dropping like flies from an epidemic that was most likely caused by Anthrax. (see Anthrax; An Ancient Scourge) Of course the System is set up so you can't prove anything; but tell me where you learned that they were murdered in Tompkins County. As far as I can see, the plan was to blame it on Cortland County. Bob

Since you are probably a computer hacker from Cornell or some other NY institution, here's some more dirt on Tompkins County for you to chew on:

There was allegedly a murder-suicide @ 2000 off Hector St. in Ithaca. The alleged suicide was of a man who was found on the bed, and the gun that he allegedly used was found by the door. Try that. Shoot yourself in the head and go leave the gun by the door.

Then there was the Sheriff deputy who made the phone call that resulted in my release from Tompkins County jail 12/18/01 where the Cornell Police had confined me. No one else would make the call. They threw chemicals on that guy until he sought medical help, then they killed him with either Anthrax or cyanide, sayiing that his prior medical condition was the cause of his death. That is a favorite method of operation of the Bush Nazis.

Numerous athletes have also apparently been murdered at Cornell via the same chemicals. The cause of death is always listed as an enlarged heart. "Look at how BIG that thing was!" One of the most memorable deaths, was that of a star wrestler who died after they threw cyanide on Teagle Hall when I stopped for a few minutes to check my locker.

The Dang Ambulance, Bangs Ambulance takes Hitler's Health Care to a whole new dimension, with an unheard of fleet of them for a town of that size, patrolling the streets, picking up anyone coughing or showing signs of the chemical onslaught of the Bush Nazis.

The attic over my former apartment 402 North Geneva St. #4 probably has enough Anthrax to kill the entire population of Tompkins County many times over, for they were illegally producing it up at Cornell and dumped enough in the attic to cause me to lose my voice for weeks even though I had sealed up all cracks pretty well. That place like the whole town is a death trap.

I was also arrested four times in Tompkins County but never convicted. Is that proof that I have a problem?

From Sino Defence Forum:

You have been banned for the following reason:
"go lick yourself"

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

From Military Spot;

Rocketeer "Charletan and Montebank" Posted 23 July 2007 21:40

Why do they let delusional psychotics have access to the internet in the lockdown nutwings at the mental hospitals?? It really can't be for rehab purposes since all it seems to do is rile them up further when the world doesn't ' see their truth '..

still, it does provide something to laugh over on a slow summer night.

The Lord seeketh Spiritual Fruits not Religious Nuts by Rocketeer posted 23 July 2007 21:40

Deaf Messenger Posted 24 July 2007 08:30

Dear Rocketeer,
Go read Messiah Tootsie? Messiah Exarchou? There Ain't No Difference Between the Two!, if you are looking for a doctor. Nicky Exarchou is the one who probably brought about the Holocaust more than anyone else. He brought most of Hitler's Storm Troopers to the US and formed Secret Service; i.e. the SS, akin to Hitler's private army, the SA, i.e. the Brownshirts. In the first Bush Administration, they gave Nicky the license of a thoracic surgeon named Exarhos from Greece. Nicky has probably never been to school in his life yet he goes about as a Psychiatrist, specializing in electroshock. (Bush Daddy also explained that they used electroshock on Nicky Exarchou to make him forget what he had done during the Holocaust. When he came out of electroshock talking like a moron, they said that he sounds like a Psychiatrist, which explains how Nazi Death Doctors are produced in America.) The only written record of him is in the law books, where he was arguing for the right to transport chemicals, a favorite mode of operation of the Bush Nazis, by the boxcar. The Daily News had an account of him on his yatch in the early nineties when they apparently tried to dump Barbara Bush in the drink. When I wrote the above mentioned article, the World Trade Center buildings were knocked down within hours of my posting it on Worldwide Indymedia. You think that it is a joke to joke about such things, don't you? Those in the WTC probably proved who Nicky Exarchou was the minute I started posting that article. He is an illegal alien to this day, I am sure. You should seek out Nicky if you want a doctor. I bet he finds you for getting me to talk about him. Maybe it is time for Rocketeer to take off! I bet you don't make it far. Best wishes. Bro Bubba Bob

8/25 Note that Document Destruction trucks have become a common sight as they try to erase all records of murdered clients. "Work to rule" and religious organizations have also figured prominently in this Silent Murder Epidemic as they work with Samaria; i.e. those posing as good Samaritans, to conceal the murderous practices of Hitler's Health Care. (Is. 28:13 Ps. 63:9-11-King of the Road)

Dear Rocketeer and company, 7/25/07
Listen to me, you stubborn of heart, you who are far from deliverance. (Is. 46:12) My persecutors will stumble, and they will not prevail. (Jer. 20:11) Every one will act according to the stubbornness of his evil heart. (Jer. 18:12) They abhor the one who speaks the truth. (Amos 5:10) I am against you who steal my words from one another. (Jer. 23:30) I will have nothing to do with stupid senseless controversies, I know that they breed quarrels. (2 Tim. 2:23) The prudent will keep silent in such a time. (Amos 5:13) You will find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jer. 29:13) I will not turn back until He will have carried out the ideas of His Heart! (Jer. 30:24) No nonsense! Bobby Meade Israel Deaf Messenger

Dear Rocketeer, 7/26/07
Just returned from learning that is also bogus like this site. You are serving Bush Daddy, the lawless Jacob, whether you know it or not. Every military forum is under the control of the lawless Bush Nazis, and you are Bush Nazis whether you know it or not because the Head doesn't know what the Tail is doing, and the Tail doesn't know what the Head is doing; thus you don't have a clue that you are Bush Nazis. How do you think they murdered the alleged 700 casualties of the fabricated second half of the PGW? How do you think that they are still doing it today? You have been enabling it! You don't have enough men to defend such stupidity! You have been gathered to these sites for a reason, whether you know it or not, for God has promised to "...gather all of you, O Jacob, .... a noisy multitude of men." (Mic. 2:12) The Unknown Soldier Bobby Meade

Dear Rocketeer and Winnipegger, 8/1/07
You are still not reading what I am writing. I said that Saddam was on the run as soon as the planes took off on 1/16/91 or 1/17/91. I did not say that he didn't invade Kuwait or anything like that. Nuff said? Please notify me when your stupidity blossoms again. Deaf Messenger BobbyMeade

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 2:00 am Post subject: Let All the Earth Fear the Lord!

Dear Frank S, Cult Member;
Who has heard our message, and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? (Is. 53:1) Be silent in the Lord's presence. (Zeph. 1:7) You also, O madmen, shall be brought to silence; the sword shall pursue you! (Jer. 48:2). "And so it's true pride comes before a fall. I'm telling you so that you don't lose all!" Beatles "I'm a Loser" Bobby Meade

From vsr5000 To BobbyMeade

Did you just use the word poophead?

Dear vsr5000,

What kind of question is that? Are you going to ban that word? There's a better word, but it's considered profanity. I am talking about those who feed on the secret "power food" of the Moabite women of Shittim, which gave us a word that means feces. (Num. 25:1) No matter how stupid poopheads are, they can be convinced that they can do anything; thus were born the presidential poopheads of Kennebunkport. If you think that your Commander in Chief is legitimate, consider that the President before him declared a State of Emergency on his last day in office. (This was recorded in one of my first articles on the computer, Silent Murder Epidemic, Id=24603, which has been suppressed.) Also they shut down the Government for the first inauguration in 2001 and never opened it up again; thus the administration is not legitimate. On top of that, Secret Service, i.e. the private army of the Bush Nazis; i.e. the Storm Troopers of America, i.e. Zion's Secret Police have no right to mess with the voting process. It was worse than what Hitler did to assume power in Germany. (As for your hollow claims of the legitimacy of this government, which is run by the Serpent, you are talking about Washington, D.C., Babylon on the Potomac. I survived there 13 years in a war zone. In DC was found "the blood of the saints and of all who have been slain on the earth." "O God! Pride of Man, fallen in the dust again!" (Rev. 18:1-24)) How stupid are they? You do not have enough men to defend such stupidity. Over and out. BobbyMeade

From 8/8/07
BigBen2112; Gold Steel Addict: Military Forums huh?

PSYCHO!!!! doesnt your got say dont swear? so take your gosh darn figure out how to post somewhere else!

Dear Frustrated One,
Gad is a tribe from the south that is going to come with the heads of the people, Israel, a holy nation. Gad damns the lawless ones, the mouthy morons, the gays, the poopheads, and the Jews. Which are you? Bobby Meade

From in Norwich, Connecticut:

Dear rags and company,
Never forget! By God, I pay back my friends! Did you note that the reference in the letter to "vsr5000" about the private army of the Bush Nazis messing with the voting process has most probably led to the resignation of Karl Rove? Karl Rove was the one who engineered the Florida recount with the assistance of Secret Service, and Bush Daddy confirms that is what it took to build the Bush Dynasty. It was a matter of W's private army seizing control before the results were in. If you don't believe what I say about Bush Daddy saying such stuff, consider that he wears an electronic bracelet a la "Dick Tracy" that broadcasts whatever he says, hears, or thinks to me via the computer chip that they implanted in me at Georgetown Medical Center after they broke a hairline fracture in the Emergency Room. In fulfillment of God's word, the sin of his mouth lets him be trapped in his pride (Ps. 59:12; Prov. 12:13; 13:13). You think that it is a joke to be arrested four times by such dumkopfs after having endured nonstop inanities from them since 6/3/95? Not a one of you could survive such a thing! BobbyMeade

Israel, Deaf Messenger, Servant of Rulers, Witness #2, King of the Road, Rider on the Red Horse, The Lord's

Dear Military Forum Spammers, Hackers, and Bush Nazis in general;
You can't stop God's coming Kingdom by banning me or talking nonsense, foolishness, bravado, etc. (Jer. 23:33) Wait until you meet up with a real soldier. You will move for the rest of your life like their is no Gad damn tomorrow. As if a soldier talks that way. Have you thought about those soldiers who have been crippled and tried to find something worth reading on these sites? Can you prove that one thing said about Operation Desert Sabre is true? "It's a lesson too late for learning..." Deaf Messenger The Unknown Soldier ... the war's never over!

Closing: Have you figured out if Saddam Hussein was an Israelite living by the sword? Was he moving on Edom, i.e. those who serve the Bush Nazis? Have you been listening to the Bush Nazis and doing their bidding? Then you have been destroying people by enabling the proliferation of the poophead kingdom of the Bush Nazis; i.e. destroying innocent people who were not opposing anyone. Saddam probably found himself in the same predicament after the PGW; thus he spent the rest of his life living by the sword and dying as an Israelite. Was the Cortland edition of the Syracuse Post-Standard the only newspaper to show that picture of Saddam with his sword? Did he do that to send a message to me? When you destroy for the Bush Nazis, you have to go on destroying for the Bush Nazis, or you will be destroyed. When you become an Israelite living by the sword, you destroy according to the law He set in Israel, i.e. things that He commanded our forefathers to make them known to their sons. When you fall by sword as an Israelite, you will be revived on the second day and restored on the third day to live before Him. (Hosea 6:2) He that will hear, let him hear. He that will refuse to hear, let him refuse, for they are a rebellious house. Nuff said?

Mad Dogs and English Men

Do they breed English men the same way that they breed pit bulls? Duh! Lets breed this dog with the Bulldog again.

In reply when informed that all dogs were hybrids, descended from the wolf species, that the donkey was sterile, and that the pit bull was an established breed:

Where did you get your info? Wikipedia? As I have discovered and made known, that is the biggest "crotch of excrement" on the Internet. I have found that the dictionaries etc. of 1950-76 were the best written. Today they do not even define a hybrid or the donkey, and there's not much about the pit bull. I found that the pit bull was a cross between the bulldog and the Staffordshire Terrier. It was the attempt of the English to create a fighting dog. The Staffordshire Terrier was itself the successful attempt to do the same by crossing the bulldog with an English terrier that had died off. The American Staffordshire Terrier is similar to the Staffordshire Terrrier; but one picture looked remarkably similar to the pit bull of today. The pit bull came about when they again tried to cross the bull dog with the Staffordshire Terrier. As a matter of fact, the Staffordshire Terrier was called the pit bull terrier until it became recognized as a breed by producing viable offspring. Although the Staffordshire Terrrier arosed before the American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier was recognized by AKC in 1935 and given it's current name in 1972 while the Staffordshire Terrier was not recognized until 1974. A breed is a variant or a subspecies of a species. All dogs are descended from wolves. There are nine species of wolves in the Genus Canis in the Family Canidae of the Order Carnivora. A hybrid is an attempt to create a breed, i.e. a new variant or subspecies by crossing two variants and/or a variant with a species. Once the hybrid produces viable offspring and stands the test of time, which I don't know is how long, it becomes a breed; i.e. a new variant or subspecies. It is no longer a hybrid. I don't know why they say that the hybrid, the donkey is sterile, for all animals have the urge to breed. Maybe they sterilize them because they know that all offspring will not be viable. Maybe they truly are sterile, but I doubt it. With these people breeding pit bulls, they are saying that two parents can produce a line by producing pit bulls every litter, even though only one or two of each litter between the bulldog and Staffordshire Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier are pit bulls. Every single one of a cross between two pit bulls is defective and does not survive. When they let a pit bull destroy every other defective mutt in the litter, that is why they are so vicious; yet they say that is proof that it is a pit bull. A pit bull that is well-trained and never been allowed to attack other things can be one of the most docile and intelligent animals that there is. Pit bulls have been used in Fire Departments, Police Departments, and the military. They have even been seeing eye dogs. There is nothing wrong with admitting that the pit bull is a hybrid, for the donkey has always been known as a hybrid. The problem is those people who breed two pit bulls, claim that defective offspring is viable and saleable, and then refuse to return the money or to acknowledge that the pit bull is a dead end as far as evolution goes. In spite of claims to the contrary, I believe that this practice of producing pit bulls by breeding the same dog with the bulldog twice originated in England. That is the story of the pit bull as I see it. I don't know why they have tried to change the definition of hybrid, but it seems like they have. You should try to get good reference books from the past, for the falsehoods that they are putting out now-a-days will not stand the test of time. Also don't forget that Balaam was rebuked by a donkey. (Numbers 22:28) A pit bull is a vain hope for deliverance. A horse is a vain hope for deliverance.(Ps. 33:17) Get a donkey!

PS Keep in mind that these dogs prey on the infirm and children; i.e. those who will succumb as easily as the defective mutts of their litter. "That's a vicious looking dog that you have! What happened to the rest of the litter?" Bush Daddy says that the pit bull is a favorite dog of the Bush Nazis, being used to terrorize people into thinking the Bush Nazis and their dogs are tough. These kind caring Bush Nazis, feigning distress and feigning regret 24/7 and talking terror all the time are Al Qaeda themselves, posing as angels of light, i.e. the Devil (2 Cor. 11:14), so there's no point in trying to talk to them. This football player, Vick allegedly had 66 dogs, 55 of them were pit bulls. Show this country what these dogs are all about. Put them all in an enclosure, and they should start attacking each other immediately. Broadcast the resulting carnage that these dumkopfs relish so much. Expose the devils. They bothered my dog one time too many! Get a donkey! Like Sal!

Sal's Erie Canal

Summary: For auld lang syne. A tribute to Jerry Garcia's Irish Tree.

She's a perfect lady, and she blushes like a gal.
If you sing about her and the Erie Canal.

I've got a mule, her name is Sal,
Fifteen years on the Erie Canal!
She's a good lil' worker and a good ol' pal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal!
We've hauled some barges in our day,
Filled with lumber, coal, and hay.
And ev'ry inch of the way we know,
From Albany to Buffalo!


Low bridge, ev'rybody down!
Low bridge, we're com-in to the town!
And you'll always know your neighbor,
You'll always know your pal.
If you ever lived on the Erie Canal!

We'd better look round for a job old gal,
Fifteen years on the Erie Canal!
Bet your life I wouldn't part with Sal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal!
Get up there, gal, here comes a lock,
We'll make Rome 'bout six o'clock!
So, it's one more trip and then we'll go,
Right straight back to Buffalo!


Oh, where would I be if I lost my pal?
Fifteen years on the Erie Canal!
Oh, I'd like to see a mule as good as Sal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal!
A friend of mine once got her sore,
Twas out behind the country store.
Then she let fly with her iron toe,
And kicked him clear to Buffalo!


Don't have to call when I want my Sal,
Fifteen years on the Erie Canal!
She trots from her stall like a good old gal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal!
I eat my meals with Sal each day,
I eat beef, and she eats hay.
And she ain't too slow if you want to know,
She put the "Buff" in Buffalo!


You'll soon hear them sing about Sal,
Fifteen years on the Erie Canal!
It's a darn fine song 'bout darn fool Sal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal!
Oh, any band will play it soon,
Darn fool words and darn fool tune.
You'll hear it ev'rywhere you go,
From Mexico to Buffalo!!!!

Bobby Meade Israel Deaf Messenger The Lord's
11 AM EDT July 22, 2007

PS: Do you doubt that was Sal's Erie Canal? Those mules were probably the toughest animals that ever lived, and every one of them was named Sal, they "..wouldn't take a Willy or a Sam!" They would sing this song to the mules, and the mules would keep moving because they would know that the whole scenario was about them pulling those barges. They were probably the beefiest animals that there were, for pulling a barge is harder than plowing or anything else that such animals have ever done. When the truth of the matter sinks in, I bet that canal will become known as Sal's Erie Canal.

While we are on the topic of breeding:

Elijah's Message *** (Never Forget! 11/16/95!)

Since the prophet Elijah was supposed to come before the day of the Lord, it was predicted that they will do with him as they have done with him in the past.(Mal. 4:5; Mt. 17:12; Mk. 9:13) When I once again announced this November 16, 1995 event in Wheaton (Addison), Illinois, Bush Daddy revealed that he was the one who had these guys slit Elijah from his mother's womb in an attempt to keep them from naming the baby Elijah as his mother had named him. Elijah's message was the manner in which he came into the world. Nothing more. Nothing less. As a 1943 graduate of Wheaton College, Billy Graham should have been one of the first to acknowledge that the prophet Elijah had arrived. Since the Bush Nazis have suppressed this news and cursed the earth, the same thing is going to happen all over the whole damn earth. "Samaria shall bear her guilt because she has rebelled against God... their little ones shall be dashed to pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open." (Hos. 13:16) "Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing infants in those days!" (Mt. 24:19; Mk. 13:17; Lk. 21:23) He also said that the ones who murdered Elijah's mother never went to prison, for like Hitler's Storm Troopers, who were allowed to immigrate to the U.S. and elsewhere, they were declared "too stupid to know better". Behold, ... the earth shall disclose the blood shed upon her, she will conceal her slain no longer.(Is. 26:21; 5:25; Jer. 9:22) All this is but the beginning of the birth-pangs of a nation that does not get shook.(Mt. 24:8; Heb. 12:28) The sweet kind caring Bush Nazis, feigning distress 24/7 and posing as those who will inherit the earth are responsible for all this. Did you catch Bush Daddy crying at the Billy Graham Library dedication? Is the Grahams "rubbing shoulders" with Bush Daddy proof that they are Bush Nazis? "They set a trap, they catch men. They know no bounds in deeds of wickedness."(Jer. 5:26) They know the words that get people to accept Jesus Christ, which is a title that means, "the Messiah who saves his people", then it's "dumkopf goodbye!" "Anyone turning away from badness becomes a prey."(Is. 59:15); plus Bush Daddy says that the Grahams are not Christians themselves. This lawlessness will continue to flourish until Bush Daddy's Supreme One is taken out of the way, and Bush Daddy is revealed as the man of lawlessness, the son of perdition.(2 Thess. 2:7,3) Now the Lord's words will send them against each other: "Woe to you O destroyer! You who have not been destroyed! Woe to you O betrayer! You who have not been betrayed! When you stop destroying, you will be destroyed. When you stop betraying, you will be betrayed." (Is. 33:1) If the Bush Nazis say, "Let us go and serve other gods", which neither you nor your fathers have known, you shall not yield to him or listen to him, nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him, nor shall you conceal him; but you shall kill him; your hand shall be first against him to put him to death.(Deut. 13:6-9) Bush Daddy says that the pregnant women are after the poopheads that impregnated them. Que pasa? Then he also said that this arises because these women have been breediing poopheads. Like was done to them, they fry their children's brains with poop. Replacing the sulphurous fire of the Bible (Gen. 19:24) with poop, they've become Egyptians, offering their children to Molech; i.e. an appalling sacrifice.(Lev. 18:21; Ez. 20:26; Is. 13:16) Of course they stuff poop in their child's mouth, saying that all kids eat poop, not understanding that the look on their faces betrays them.(Is. 3:9) According to the foremost report on coprophagia among humans, the bile duct toxins of coprophagists should be detectable in samples of their hair. The Virginia Tech shooter should have been tested for coprophagia too, for that is worse than any drugs that he could have been doing!

PS "Save the pregnant poopheads!" "Here! Take this dog. It should protect you. Tell them it's an American Staffordshire Terrier." Bobby Meade The Lord's

Afterword 7/23/07: "They set a trap, they catch men. They know no bounds in deeds of wickedness." (Jer. 5:26) In strongholds of the Bush Nazis like Cornell, the media, the military forums and Indymedias that remove my posts, their stupidity is guarded from above and below; thus you do not talk to such people. In NYC: Another trap? A steam line can't blow up like that! The last time that anything like that happen was when I wrote The Letter That Shook the World. Go figure. Bush Daddy also reveals that they executed Timothy McVeigh so quickly because he was trying to draw attention to the computer chip that they had implanted in him as was revealed in the Washington Times on 4/23/95. The reason that McVeigh moved on that building in Oklahoma was because they had convinced him that they were the ones who had implanted his chip. When the Bush Nazis staged an accident for me and broke a hairline fracture in my knee in the ER of Georgetown Medical Center; Dr. Delahay and staff implanted a chip in my knee 6/3/95. A lateral-from-above x-ray taken 7/25/95 clearly revealed that there was an electrode-like object attached to one of two solitary screws placed in the head of the tibia. I bet that copies of that x-ray can be obtained from hard drives and broadcasted to reveal what they did to me and people like McVeigh. 7/30 What I revealed about the Bush Nazis keeping me awake for a week straight twice last summer came about because I had x-rays taken of my knee at General Hospital in Binghamton last spring, and one came back positive. It was not a clear shot of the computer chip because they did not use the highest resolution that I had requested. Although I went back twice, they would not do it again; instead they would take 8 or 9 different types of x-rays, saying that was what I wanted; plus they did not send the positive x-ray to the doctor, just all the worthless ones they had taken. The two sleepless weeks are mentioned in Gone to Be a Soldier in the Army of the Lord ****(article under attack!). Not a one of you could survive such a thing! 9/8 In a situation similar to the breast cancer scenario described in the Gone to Be.. article and in a probable response to my futile attempts to obtain a positive xray of the computer chip in my knee, my new homeopathic doctor did a digital exam then obtained an elevated PSA reading from a blood test. Upon inspecting a 2003 diagnostic technique book, I learned that a blood test was not supposed to be taken for four weeks after a digital exam. It appears that if you touch the prostate, it increases PSA levels immediately and for a long time after; plus Bush Daddy says that there is no recovery from a biopsy. I learned from 2005-6 medical books that six core samples of the prostate via the rectum are the norm. As a result of this, I conclude that most alleged prostate cancers are bacteria infections that never subside. Is the whole digital exam and prostate cancer scenario based on manipulated PSA levels? To top it off the Bush Nazis have been dumping calcium chemicals that cause urgent urination, a symptom that leads to digital exams. Do you remember Biggie Smalls thanking the USPO for not violating his ass? Go find out if they are the ones who promoted this digital exam, saying they were fighting prostate cancer in the PO. Go try to find a picture of prostate cancer. As for Babylon on the Potomac, "Render to her as she herself has rendered, and repay her double for her deeds." (Rev. 18:6) "No one I think in my tree, I mean, it must be high or low...." Beatles "Strawberry Fields.."

Note to LA: "Street Punk....Gone to Heaven?" The real issue was that Jim Morrison was rolled in Miami Hoyt Auditorium, where they stuffed a fatal dose of poop in his mouth and made him swallow it. There was no recovery. Before and after pictures of Morrison show the effect of that incident. "Let's just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what would happen. That's all it was: curiosity." -- Jim Morrison. I addressed the Morrison incident in Coprophagia Rules in 2001, still available via Yahoo. That is the foremost report on coprophagia among humans. To those who messed with Jim Morrison or have been altering his music: "Come 'round the bend. You know it's The End!" Terry Garahan, alleged social worker from Ithaca, is the one who did this to Morrison. Remember 9/6/2000 NYT front page on Ithaca's jump-out medication squad? That had a picture of Garahan. In court 2004 NY AG office said that Garahan had a social worker's masters degree from George Mason Univ.. How is that possible? Garahan never graduated from anything! Bush Daddy says that Garahan is the most invulnerable poophead because he has been enabled to kill, with chemicals or otherwise, anyone who challenges his stupidity. 9/12 Do you forget that Bush Daddy arrived 6/12/24? Note that Morrison left the Doors on 12/12/70. Did the Bush Nazis come out and feign distress and regret over 9/11 yesterday so that they can go out and do something more detestable? (Ez. 8:13) Do you doubt the truth of 9/11 as has been transmitted to you from Bush Daddy's own mouth and ears? Do you hesitate to fulfill the Sovereign Lord's words against them? Do you want to send them a message? Send them a message as was delivered to me in the Emergency Room of Georgetown Medical Center. Just twist their leg until it breaks. It's a Bush Nazi joke from Bush Daddy himself. You can create a famine for the word of the Lord. They shall run to and fro seeking the word of the Lord, but they shall not find it. (Amos 8:11-12) Word? Message? Joke? Huh? Send them to Hitler's Health Care. I'm sure there is one in your neighborhood. "This is the way, "walk" in it." (Is. 30:21; 48:17) Can't teach a joke? A move? A method? A maneuver? Remember that you can't teach an idiotic moron much and that you can't teach a moronic idiot anything.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Bush Daddy says that he is sending out the most pathetic old poopheads, saying that these are the ones to kill. Soon the fool will be called noble no more. (Is. 32:5)


Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
A blood red moon came today. (Joel 2:31)
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
Plenty of sunshine headed my way. (Ps. 148:3)

Poopheads, gentiles, Jews, and gays (Rom. 1:16-32)
All been gather'd for this day (Mic. 2:12; Is. 65:12)
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
My oh my what a wonderful day. (Luke 1:45)
From that Word we know so well (Is. 55:11)
Ev'ry one goes back to hell. (Pr. 15:11; James 3:6)

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
Plenty of sunshine headed my way. (Is. 30:26)
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
Wonderful feeling, feeling this way. (Ps. 32:11)

Samaria's fallen in her ways (Amos 6:1-14; Jer. 5:26)
Trained wisdom with nothing to say. (Is. 29:14; Ec. 10:13)
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
My oh my what a wonderful day.
Babylon is falling down (Rev. 18; Is. 21:9)
Ev'ryone is leaving town. (Is. 30:17)

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
Be joyous the Lord doth say. (Joel 2:21; Is. 49:13)
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
Satan's evil is going away. (Lam. 4:15; Eph. 6:11; Pr. 16:25)

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
A blood red moon came today. (Rev. 6:12)
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day
Plenty of sunshine headed my way. (Rev. 20:11)

Bobby Meade Israel Deaf Messenger 8/28/07 Blood red moon day!