fooking wisdom teeth

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Banshee_09, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. hey all, any advice on wisdom teeth? mine are killing me at the moment, and i'm not particulaly fond of the dentist! tried some pain killers which take the edge off it, put i'm still in agony! couple of people have suggested oil of cloves but i can't seem to find it anywhere!
    cheers for any advice
  2. IA Try "Boots" the chemist for a quick easing of pain.

    Having just got rid of one I would recommend the dentist option - extraction. They will no doubt offer other solutions especially if you are a private patient. Most of which will cost the earth.

    Bite the bullet and see the fang farrier- get rid!!
  3. My impacted wisdom teeth gave me hell for years. RNH HASLAR relieved me of them in '88 and I've had no problems since. My NHS dentist (endangered species) tut tuts every time I have my check-up, though.
  4. out of interest, i have an impacted wisdom tooth that is slowly falling to bits and needs removing. does this get done at hospital or at the dentist?

    i ask because it will cost me the earth if i get the dentist to do it, rather than done for free if the hospital must do it? must i be reffered by a dentist or can i go to doctor and say "eh up yoooth, me tooth's hurting" and be reffered to hospital?

    anyone know the score?
  5. Cut the tongue out of an old boot and bite hard. The pain is excruciating, but the relief afterwards....

    Also releases some interesting flavours.

    Oil of cloves can be got from any chemist. It's a small bottle, the contents sting like hell and have a nauseating smell. The flavour's not pleasant either. Not advised in advance of a night on the pull and the effectiveness only comes after the iniial sting wears off. A bit like the boot tongue remedy, really.
  6. This happened to my brother. His dentist had a go at removing it, but because of the long roots, ballsed it up. He ended up having to go to hospital and having the bits removed under general anaesthetic. A lot of dentists recommend the direct route to reduce pain and save their reputations.
  7. I can't speak for anyone else, but when i had 2 wisdom teeth removed, they were done under a general anaesthetic in hospital. My dentist said that this was because they couldn't give general anaesthetic like many other dentists apparently.

    I would suggest going to your dentist and seeing if they will refer you onto the hospital.
  8. Chop them out. I really enjoyed the stay in hospital and the happy drugs were great.
  9. did you pay for it tho? or do i have to go to poland and pay on the cheap!! :wink:
  10. No, it was free on the NHS. The only thing i had to pay for was my initial dentist visit.
  11. chewing on a boot or visit to the dentist............ mmm tough one

    anyone got an old boot?

    cheers for the advice all
  12. For short term relief try Bonjela rubbed onto the gums as close to the iffy tooth as possible. As I recall it, a wisdom tooth I had removed at a private dental practice a couple of years ago didn’t require a second mortgage; it was done under minimal local anaesthetic, was a reasonably swift procedure and despite protest from the tooth didn’t quite require the dentist to kneel on my chest heaving on the pliers! Healed pretty quick too. A tip for free though – don’t attempt to eat crisps for a while! 8O
  13. On a similar note I've heard a lot get knocked back from being mobilised for problems with the teeth. Anyone with first hand experience like to comment?
  14. Yes, dodgy teeth can be a knock-back. They don't like cavities and so on. Having said that, I'd just had a tooth extracted and the gum became infected (pus everywhere) - Army dentist seemed quite happy with that, strangely enough.
  15. Banshee09, are you still serving? In my day you had to have a regular checkup every 6 months or so. Used to appear on part two orders. I had 2 of mine removed by a right b*gger at the old barracks in Winchester. However, saying that, there used to be some smashing hygienists every now and and again in a little building at the bottom of Barton Stacey camp! Has that world disappeared now with all the rest of the Army Medical services?