Foofighters Ticket for 7 Jun 08 Wembley - Block 243 Row 4


May well have left this too late already, but best bid by 1200 hrs 6 Jun 08 will get this put in the first class post to you by last thing Friday.

Fcuk knows if you will get it in time, and since I have no idea how auction payments are made I will be relying on your honour to make your own donation to Help for Heros or similar.

So it's a last minute lash up. Couldn't be more British Army. Who wants it?
True - might just be shite typing though!?
Detonator said:
box-of-frogs said:
True - might just be shite typing though!?
I thought that, but the title just says 'ticket'.

There was a set going on here earlier, somewhere.
I just saw the 'plural' in Foo Fighters and got all excited. Other tickets have been sold.
Theres a good chance a friend has a spare ticket at face value (to cover the cost and a small donation to ARRSE?). Someone dropped out of our little get together after asking for a ticket and has refused to pay up for it. Shame to see it go to waste. Im off there tomorrow too.

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