Foods that You Would Definitely NOT Eat????

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by uncle_vanya, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. If you are the adventurous type, what foods would you try, and what food would you definitley gives the 'thumbs down' to...out of the following....

    1. Sweetbreads or ris are culinary names for the thymus (throat, gullet, or neck sweetbread) or the pancreas (heart, stomach, or belly sweetbread) especially of the calf (ris de veau) and lamb (ris d'agneau) (although beef and pork sweetbreads are also eaten).[1] Various other glands used as food are also called 'sweetbreads', including the parotid gland ("cheek" or "ear" sweetbread), the sublingual glands ("tongue" sweetbreads or "throat bread"), and testicles (cf. Rocky Mountain oyster). The "heart" sweetbreads are more spherical in shape, and surrounded symmetrically by the "throat" sweetbreads, which are more cylindrical in shape.

    But then, who in their right minds would eat the 'dangly bits' - the bollox, pizzle or other sweaty bits of a pig, sheep, goat or whatever??

    Sheeps Bollocks....... Donkeys Pizzle...... Insects....... Yuck!!!

    Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.... pass me the barf Bag....... and treble yuck!!

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  2. I'd definitely eat the waiter in the middle picture and he could suck my offal.
  3. I wouldn't eat, oysters as they apparently taste like snot. Nor would I eat sheeps eyes, sheeps balls or monkey brains or MacDonalds which are also slimey
  4. Butter beans
  5. Excellent idea I'll soak some for tomorrows beef stew.
  6. Chicken gizzards(?) Not even sure what they are. But when offered some for scoff at our hotel in Kenya on R&R, the smell alone made me want to spew. A bit like fruit dumplings in butterscotch sauce.

    Actually, that's another one. :pukel:
  7. Sushi..............
  8. Chitterlings (pig intestine, down to the ring)

    ...oh wait. I did eat that!
  9. Cybill Shepherd once said in an interview that, until he met her, there was only one thing that Elvis Presley wouldn't eat!
  10. P_J

    P_J Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Cauliflower - Satans piles! Evil, nasty vegetable. Same goes for sweetcorn.
  11. Don't knock 'em til you try them. I was of the same opinion until I was taken to an Oyster bar (not the Blue Oyster bar). Taste varies from oyster to oyster depending on region. Some are quite creamy and almost mushroom flavoured.

    Give them a try.
  12. Seconded.

    Same with chickpeas and chickpea mush - Humous.

  13. My butter beans, split peas, pearl barley and lentils are soaking ready to go in the slow cooker tommorrow with some beef. I'll add carrots onions, celery and some stock.
  14. P_J

    P_J Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Celery - that's another.