Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LUFC91, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Barracks or ATR with best food?
  2. That's largely down to the chefs!
  3. Not ATR Pirbright!

    Some RAF camps do good scoff and Helles Barracks catterick did some alright scoff when l was there.
  4. I've only experianced a few places, catterick was good & glencorse was bollox!
  5. Best scoff I had was at Brize Norton JRM - was a good few years ago now when I was a cadet though.
  6. Scoff at Sandhurst was top notch. Ballykinler is routinely sh1te, regardless of who supplies the chefs.
  7. Laarbruch(spelling) was good as was 7 regt's in 95-96 cook your own steaks....hmmmm
  8. buller barracks,munster 89-92 food was fcuking pants,scotch eggs,porridge and haggis. :toilet:

    bovy was positively silver service compared to that gruel! :hungry:
  9. Just back from a barbie where 10kg of fillet and six crates of beer were dispatched by a mob of 15 hungry punters.

    Oh, it was at a mil barracks in a West African country.