Discussion in 'Officers' started by mcclurg, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Is the food any good in Sandhurst or is your usual inedible sausages, hard bacon and year old baked beans?

    Just outta curiousity ofc.. :p
  2. the scoffs was not bad at all when I was at the factory.

    dont know what its like now and i dont know if PAYD has kicked in yet.

    or there is a Maccy D's just down from the main gate and a tesco's if you get hungers
  3. In the first 5 weeks, if you manage to get time to taste it then your very lucky!
  4. Its excellent, especially the roast swan, caviar banjos and endless champagne. :roll:
  5. If this is indicative of your level of preparation for Sandhurst, and your general intellect, then you may be better off joining McDonalds - you may even make it to supervisor given enough time and sufficient development training.
  6. Oh, the champagne!

    'Another Billecart Salmon 1983, sir?'
    'Heavens no Carruthers, after that venison terrine and the fois gras with truffles I think I'll just have a large Cognac and another Romeo y Julieta, thank you.'
  7. Personally, I thought that this was one of the more well conceived questions that I see on here.

    The food at Sandhurst was pretty standard fayre for Army messes when I went through in 95 (ie it's really quite good). I doubt that it has changed much since then. Blimey, 1995; that is a long time ago.
  8. Food at Sandhurst - depends whether you are going into the Permanent Staff Mess, or across the corridor to the main dining hall, along with the cadets.

    Permanent staff side is of a good standard, whereas the main dining hall will provide you with a menu capable of keeping you alive for 3 terms!

    If you are going in to the permanent staff side, I would suggest arriving for meals early, as the LEs from the LEOC courses can put a fair bit away and if you arrive after them, it looks as if a plague of locusts has been through! Splendid chaps though, one and all.

  9. I resemble that remark - took me ages to get the gravy stains out of the CS95.

    Top quality food though; I was on 2 roasts a day. Had to hit the cold turkey on my RTU...
  10. When I was at the school......we took mess silver with us for Sunday lunch and dinner on exercise ...ask Fred the old silverman!...clue
  11. Perhaps this question is better suited to the Sandhurst sticky...
  12. I was invited to the RSDG (RAC) for officers mess lunch...mess silver was on the table on a Hohne exercise!!!!..and so was the Duke of Kent...
  13. Although it was a fam visit, when I went to Sandhurs the food was very good...

  14. Wedgy, boris is completely insane, his recent posts are extremely difficult to follow!