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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by AJ1992, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. Off to Catterick soon for infantry training - what's the grub like over there ? I wouldn't consider myself picky but I like my food lol
  2. Whats the food like in Catterick? Much the same as it is everywhere.....edible.
  3. Don’t know about Catterick, but recently stayed in the Battle school (Brecon).
    The food was excellent, no curled up fried bread anywhere, and no bromide in the tea.
  4. WatchingWater

    WatchingWater Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You'll be doing so much exercise that food will always taste amazing!
  5. The food is always better at the weekend.
  6. Cheers , what kinda stuffs on the menu though ??
  7. Caviare and Truffles. What the **** do you think?

    Why don't you concentrate more on your training and less on the inconsequential niff-naff and trivia like what style of chips you're going to be stuffing your pie hole with?

    Just rest assured that there will be enough, it will be good enough and varied enough.
  8. There's a Subway, a MaccyDees, a Greggs, an Indian and numerous amounts of chippys and pizza places.

    Never eaten in the cookhouse there though. Thankfully.

    Oh, and Sandy the Guv reliably informs me that there is a new pizza place where Harry's used to be.
  9. Can I kill you?...please....oh, pretty please, we really must start
    a movement to get Catterprick moved to Durham, why should the
    North of our wonderful County be inhabited by Cnuts like Thee.
  10. See my nan,,,,pies,wraps,curry,chips to die for,mushy peas (homemade),tatterash(mmmmmm),gravy (real roasted lamb/beef bones),salmon (cooked in foil with garlic, tarragon,lemon,black pepper , butter and extra virgin (mmmmmmmm virgin) olive oil,,,,,,,plus paste/jam/honey/dripping butties,,,,,and all ready to take back to camp after leave..........Hungry now goin to pig out......
  11. When do we get paid this month?
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  12. The Beharry Centre is where the cook house is located. Usual shit in there. Saw alot of the lads heading to the Sally Army shop which sells sweets and snacks etc. A few of them complained that they weren't getting enough food, but from what I saw the helpings were big enough. Not helped by the jack ones that procure more of the yoghurts/fruit than they are 'permitted'. No one looked like they were dying through lack of though - sure something would have been done by now....
  13. You can have spam eggs and chips
    curry and chips
    steak and chips
    salad and chips
    everything comes with chips.

    You'll learn to make every meal into a sandwich, it goes down faster so you don't waste the 15 minutes your platoon of 45 blokes has for scoff with things like chewing and enjoying the flavour
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  14. Could they be going to the Sally Bash to avoid you...perchance?

  15. September 33rd..............................