Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by grungemech, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. So whats this pay as you dine thing about, anybody have the correct rumour? :?
  2. Well, what happens is that you pay while you dine or, to look at it another way, you dine knowing that you have payed. Either way the two important elements of paying and dining are integral ie. you cannot just go into the slophouse and dine without paying (pay attention beanstealing pads :wink: ) neither would one be advised to pay and not dine like you singlies do now.
  3. PAYD means that you will not have to pay the daily food charge and will only pay for food when you actually have a meal from service sources. It is being introduced slowly across the forces but there are still problems about the payment regimes as in some places no cash = no scoff.
  4. I can see a problem as it will mean havng to take cash with you or perhaps some kind of top-up card whatever you are doing. I can see there being more of a problem if/when Sodhexo get involved as they are verminous, theiving, scallie, gypsie barstewards, unfit to perform even the most rudimentary of catering duties and incapable of even the most simple cleaning. how they are going to cope with having to keep tabs on what we eat and bill us efficiently remains to be seen.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am sure that it will all work perfectly, and that there is no chance of a poor squaddie, penniless by the middle of the month, starving to death :)
  6. Old Snowy, you must be the world's greatest optimist! In the North of England one Bn has a Warrant officer standing by the cash desk handing out PRI dosh to those with no cash and getting them to sign a debit Voucher for it come out of their next month's pay (so they will be even poorer then!). There should have been a swipe card system must so far it work work/isn't funded.
  7. If we have to pay as we dine. Will there be more competition for our business, maybe we can introduce franchises into barracks. Costa Coffee for NAAFI breaks etc.
  8. Well it depends who you get as your contractor. They are supposed to provide a core menu at the same price as DMR and then all other meals will be at normal commercial rates.
  9. I stumbled on the PAYD fiasco whilst stealing a few beans on a camp we were visiting, sure enough as Paymeister has previously mentioned a rotund AGC clerk was handing out meal vouchers to the financially challenged youngsters(it was week 2 of the month).

    Service was still crap, the same civvy cooks throwing food and attitude at you over the hotplate, the portions were smaller with less choice. When I asked for the Veggie option I was told it was all gone and no more was to be brought onto the hotplate. Now if I was paying for it and not stealing it I would have brought the whole sorry state of affairs to the attention of the Ord Offr. Fearing death by AGAI we left sharpish before we were sussed.

  10. I don't know what all the fuss is about. The rest of society manages to not starve to death by being just a little bit repsonsible - knowing that they need to keep some money aside for food. Why should we treat our soldiers any differently?

    If we can trust them to carry loaded weapons on the streets of Basrah or NI, surely we can trust them to feed themselves?

    And what of the pads - nobody ensures that a married 17 year old Private in quarters feeds himself and his family. He is left to manage all by himself, and guess what - none have starved!
  11. When i was at school a few years ago (does that make you feel old) the school trialed a service like this. You had a swip card with your name and picture on it and there were machines all over the school that you put your card into and then "topped up" by putting coins or notes into the machine which credited your card.

    You would add food to your plate like normal and then go to the cash register who would look at your cards picture (to make sure you not using someone elses money) and then put the card in the machine to take the money off.

    If school kids can do it then.... no wait a minute.

    It was easy.
  12. Why not scrap food & Accn/qtr charges all together. Make it a perk of serving ?
  13. A chip and Pin MOD 90. Would solve the problem of not having to take cash everywhere but would not solve the problem of the unwashed, scabbie Sodhexo cnuts who work in the cookhouses. Even RLC were less minging than them.
  14. I thought that was the reason for the "swip strip" on the current MOD 90 - that's what we were told as we exchanged the old ones.

    honestly not to speed up the CDT thang
  15. The rest of society do not endure a strict enforced training regime, the rest of society can get what they fancy to eat at their own convenience. If you provide a service then it should be able to give its best at all times, quality fresh produce, without attitude from civs.
    How can young RLC cooks gain experience and train for war if civs are employed for in barracks kitchens?

    We dont make them pay for bullets, if we did I am sure we wouldnt have secured the border never mind up country(Iraq)

    Have you seen the MacD drive-through queue at scoff time? :D