Food Warning from Food Standards Agency

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An urgent warning has been issued by the Food Standards Agency after a potentially cancer-causing dye was discovered in more than 350 widely-eaten food products.

This is a list of products that are currently known to be affected. Some products have now been reformulated to take out the affected ingredient, so you should look for the use-by/Best Before Date or the batch number to tell you if the product you have should not be eaten.

If in doubt you can contact the store you bought it from to check. The Agency has made this list relying on information given to them by manufacturers and retailers.

It's basically everything that is made with Premium Worcestershire Sauce. It's worth a quick scan, folks!! :D

Click here for full list!
Hahahaha - am safe - Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies and i am allergic to fish n sea food so avoid the sh1t like the plague.

Still worth a check - some of the stuff on the list shouldn't contain any meat or fish product at all, but they're still there!! :D
All the items on the list are processed crap.

Chav food - let them get on with it and thin out the gene pool a bit.

Those of us who live-in can rest secure in the knowledge that MoD does not source our food from anywhere as expensive as Lidl or Asda, so we should be all right....
ViroBono said:
Chav food - let them get on with it and thin out the gene pool a bit.
Couldn't agree more - but these are the sort of things that we all eat when we stagger in at 3 in the morning from a good sesh!! :D
Just make sure you all Brush your Teeth afterwards :twisted:
The missus has been trying to do worse to me for years with her cooking :lol:
A conspiracy to rid the world of chavs by poisoning supermarket own-brand ready meals!

I am in awe at the sheer, twisted genius of it!

"PM" on Radio 4 really ran this through the mill as a horror scare story - why doesn't anyone have a sense of proportion any more? The contaminent was a trace element in one product that was itself a minor ingredient of other products. Unless the stuff was plutonium dust, the chances of it being in any hazardous concentration must be zip. People must be exposed to thousands of trace chemicals every day - I bet its more carcinogenic to get a whiff of benz every time you fill your car up...
Good call 4(T). I had Sky News on in the background and watched open-mouted as the renta-head went on and on and on...

...they even devoted 20 minutes to some poor soul from the Food Standards Agency, who managed to keep repeating 'There's no cause for alarm - our food is the safest in the world' over and over, in spite of a hostile group of near-hysterical presenters attempting to make out that we were all going to be dead by 2200hrs from cancerous burgers.
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