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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TA_sig, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. I have just been informed that there is a new threat to our savoury heated meals known as Pasties. The Cornish Pasty Shop is currently selling a sweetened version, the Custard and Strawberry pasty!! In the eyes of this young signaller this is just not right, Ham and cheese, chicken and musroom, mushroom cheese or even ham chicken may well work. But Custard and strawberry??

    Has anyone sampled this fiendish desert?
  2. Sigh. Only a matter of time now before we get the "Ethnic Cornish Pasty" selection consisting of Chicken Tikka, Mexican Chillie etc etc. Where will it all end? :roll: :?:
  3. No but I`d like to, it could start a trend as a three course meal in a bag. I`d like a mini garlic mushroom pasty as a starter, a curried vegetable for main, and the strawberry and custard for desert, no eating utensils required :lol:
  4. But don't the custard just leak out all over the place??

  5. Sorry to be a pastie spotter, but this is merely a development of the traditional pastie.

    The pastie was originally a tin miner's meal in Cornwall. One side was mutton with herbs, the other was apple or other fruit. It was all encased in pastry to more or less protect it. It was a two-course meal encased in delicious home-made pastry. Yum.

    So fruity pasties are a logical evolution of this English culinary treat.

  6. And the big chunky crust was to hold it with so yu didnt end up eating coal/tin/copper whatever
  7. and the crust is thrown away so that Anya and Lawstudent can have it as their student money doesn't go far :lol: