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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Enigma266, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. Good socialists these 'New Labour' types.

    Why not tax the poorest - the poorest are least likely or able to protest, especially if they are very poorly educated and their health 'service' is third rate.

    I 'smell' the great wanking fist of 'Bottler' Brown here - aided and abetted by the European Soviet Union.
  2. A genuine candidate for the outrage bus I think.
  3. The pensioners are dying in their homes because they cant afford to heat them. WTF are they going to do now then if this comes into play? No wonder its all being discussed in a hush hush manner.
  4. Why don't they just get rid of these whitehall officials that obviously have far to much time on their hands, and then they won't have to steal from the poorest so just so they can fund the rich public sector officials way of life....

  5. Next there will be a "Lung Capacity" Tax, for breathing....

  6. What percentage jump in inflation would this represent?
  7. In the late 70s (pre79, I must add), milk chocolate digestives had a higher rate of VAT than plain choc biscuits - because milk chocolate was considered a luxury item.
  8. The thing is I would not put it past them!
  9. Isn't VAT on cake (luxuary for the upper class) but not on biscuit (essential for the downtrodden). Thus the row a few years back as to whether Jaffas were cakes or biscuits!!!

    Anyway, back on topic.

    It's a BRILLIANT idea to put VAT onto all food if you're a New Labour aparachik. Win, win all round.

    No doubt the tax will be accompanied by a rebate to those below a certain income level. Thus core New Labour support is, in theory, protected - but becoming even more beholden to their socialist controllers. A further army of low-level paperwork pushers will be required to be hired by the public purse to ensure this taking from one hand is returned to the other. More core New Labour support becoming even more beholden to their socialist controllers.

    See where this leads?
  10. However it is done, the populace are going to have to pay for the Government profligacy and waste of the last decade. If it is a tax on food then we will all pay, even the likes of Sven and other wasters, effectively reducing their tax funded life style, which will reduce their take of my money which I'm all in favour of. [Vat on practically everything in Hungary is 25%]
  11. hmm i was thinking about going on a diet anyway :D
  12. VAT was historically 0 rated on all food items, then it was introduced at 8% for luxury food items. Chocolate digestives attracted 8% tax while their unchocolate covered counterparts had a 0 rating. Gradually VAT was increased from 8 to 15 and to 17.5%. At one time food bought in a takeaway restaurant was 0 rated, but if consumed on premises it attracted VAT.

    European countries always have always charged VAT on food products, however usually at a much lower rate than the full headline rate, typically 6 or 7%. Furthermore most European Countries charge VAT on Books and Childrens clothing.
  13. What with vat eventually rising to 18-20% (it's going to happen sooner or later) extend the tax on food further afield, I like the Treasury reply "it's not remotely on the table"

    Another nail in NuLabour's coffin maybe if this 'actually goes beyond informal talk??

    Mind you they have to look at other area's for revenue as the motorist's are being hammered enough as it is!
  14. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Other way round. Luxury biscuits have VAT on them - Luxury generally being those with chocolate on them. Jaffa cake said they were cakes and not biscuits and therefore weren't liable for VAT. I believe some judge somewhere made the decision that they were cakes...partly due to the fact that cakes start off soft and go hard when stale...biscuits do the opposite.

    I'm sure someone can tell me different though.