Food shortages in theatre

Been seeing in the press a lot this week complaints about troops on operation being starved half to death and tonight found it in the local rag.

Is there something seriously gone wrong with supply and logistics over there or is this just lads complaining cos they can't get to a Maccy D's for dinner? I've been out for a few years but when I left it would have been a complete disgrace to have a situation like this. Maybe it was useful having a CO who came up from the ranks as a slop.

During my time it was right and normal for the slop jockeys to get a whole world of cr@ap about shite cooking and the like but these reports are about troops getting just a single meal a day of just Spam and a few veggies, not even proper 24 hour rat packs and having to get their parents to send them stuff like rice and basic foods.

Someone here please tell me that this is complete bull.

Also on a slightly different part of the story, these reports talk about the MOD being tight for making families pay for parcels to be sent to theatre. It was my understanding that it was in fact the Royal Mail that charged for the postage to Mill Hill and the MOD shipped it the rest of the way for free. If I am wrong then someone can post a link to any petitions for these charges to be stopped but I don't think you could convince Postman Pat not to take every penny they can, no matter who from.

Here endeth the rant, thank you for your time
Last time I was in Iraq I was in shaibah and the food was cracking.

No idea whether this is true now or not.
Crap food on Ops - WTF? Scoff on tour is better quality than back in camp.
Sounds like journo-exaggeration/sensationalism to me.

Thank you all for the reassurance, I really didn't think that it could have changed that much in the 7 years since I last wore the green but there were a few stories I read in the week and then in the local paper as well.
It did sound a lot like some mums that were a bit over worried.
loubella said:
Last time I was in Iraq I was in shaibah and the food was cracking.

No idea whether this is true now or not.
Cheers for that! In the city, we were on rats a lot of the time. Still, we were fed and I can't see that being any different now. Even at BP, I very much doubt her son is only getting one meal a day.
I think this all stems from journo's seeking to make mileage out of moms sending their offspring comfort boxes.

A few moms sending their offspring a chocolate bar or two turns into an MOD food shortage.
I think the journos have taken it out of context, the mother was on the TV the other morning and said she was sending supplements to back up their ration packs to add some variety and give them some extra. As well as sending toiletries etc.

Which is exactly what my mother did when we were in the Falklands, and it was always welcome.

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