Food rationing in USA

Rudolph_Hucker said:
California_Tanker said:
Texas is big cow country, after all.
Aren't there rules that stop you talking about your president that way? :D

No, I don't think so. There have been signs posted from Crawford, Texas, for a long time that say, "We lost our village idiot. If you find it, please send it back to us in a brown cardboard box. Return postage guaranteed."
angular said:
It does take longer with food than with fridges, but that's because it takes longer to plough up a field, then plant and grow a crop of wheat, than it does to make a fridge. If the price of food goes up, more people realise it's worth their while growing crops, and supplies increase. Within 12 months things should be getting under control. Already there'll be around 10% more land under production in the EU, now that set-aside has been scrapped for this year. It may even need less time in the case of rice, because some countries can get 3 crops a year.

There's not much we can do when places like Zimbabwe remove themselves from the productive economy, though, or if China nicks all the water.
Doesn't that all rather assume that the agricultural land has just been left lying and retains somewhere near its original productivity? What's to say that it hasn't been built on in the time it hasn't been farmed? Even if it's still available, will anyone have been irrigating and fertilising it? Or maintaining the drainage? The market might very well respond, eventually, but a lot of people will have died in the intervening time. Markets aren't that good at doing anything but turning a profit. The price of food will need to rise to the point where people can pay for reclaiming the land, reversing the neglect and still turn a profit before the market will start to correct the food shortage.

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