Food rationing in USA

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hong_kong_fuey, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Yes, you read it right. In the land of gluttony, excess, and the XXXXXXXXXXL waistline, food rationing has struck:

    NY Sun

    If it can happen in the USA -- a country with considerable agricultural resources -- then it can happen here, for the UK is a net importer of food and the last in the supply line in Europe (apart from Eire) as far as geography goes.

    Does anyone know where I can buy a job lot of spam?

    Edited to add another link:

    Wall Street Journal
  2. You sound pleased h_k_f Denied an entry visa?
  3. SPAM, Specially Processed American meat.
    Quite nice fried between two big thick slices of toast.
    It's water that will really start wars, lok what China is doing to the Mekong.
  4. Sure, my house is all of ten miles from Mountain View. Let me check with the wife, but she's not said anything about going hungry that I noticed.

  5. Eh? Listen Foriegn Devil the Mekong is Chinese water! If you want water make your own!
  6. It'll do some of the bloaters good to ease up on their 'all you can eat' portions.
  7. A vast difference between the US and Ireland/ UK is distence of travel, if the worst happenes, we have plenty of arable land and short supply chains to the cities, we may have to forgo our now used to, guava's and and kiwi's, but we will survive, the US, they have vast area's to travel though to get to the cities to supply, and in some states, not a whole lot of arable land for growing produce.....we may look back on the wine lakes and butter mountians fondly in the future
  8. I've got a pallet of ORP in the MHE Shed, best I hide it away from prying eyes then.
  9. The Mekong is one seriously f-d up river.
    Dams are drying up the river and eventually it is thought the sea will flow that far up river to destroy China's old enemy, The Viet, for the delta will no longer be able to supply the rice required to feed Nam.
  10. I think this is overstated. I shop several times a week for my family and haven't detected any shortages of any food products that you could classify as "staples" or "basics." This so-called problem may be overstated in the article. (I live in Eugene, Oregon.) Costco probably isn't the best place to try and judge this sort of thing since it's a wholesale chain.

    cheers, Mark
  11. This is b0llocks.

    1. Yes, the world price of rice is rising but right now in the US it retails about 50 cents a pound and is one of the cheapest foods available. American consumers aren't going to kick up a fuss about paying an extra dime a pound.

    2. The US produces twice as much rice as it consumes. There's plenty of it about.

    3. On the other hand, Costco/ Sam's Club etc. rely on memberships for most of their revenue, their profit margins on sales are pretty tight. It's all about getting people to start buying memberships. How do you do that? By making some headlines that indicates that the food is getting scarce and the price is increasing. "Buy in bulk here, folks and it's much cheaper than your local supermarket. To make sure you all get what you need, we're going to limit you to only one 30lb bag at a time." (Think about it- what household goes through a 30lb bag of rice in a week?)
  12. Crabtastic said:
    And I concur.
    Given that I eat food every day I go to supermarkets in a Boston suburb regularly and there are absolutely no signs of any shortages or rationing. i just got back from a Florida supermarket (down here for a couple of weeks of R&R and the larder of my Florida place was empty) and there were absolutely no signs of shortages here. Gasoline is up to about $3.45 per gallon but other than that noting seems that pricey.

    Someone has an overactive imagination I think.
  13. Excuse me? That's a warped conclusion you've come to. I most certainly am not pleased. Shouldn't have dignified you with a response. And with no criminal record or links to unsavoury groups, apart from Arrse, I shouldn't have a problem getting an entry visa. Regardless, I prefer's generally much nicer.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    And dont forget that after the New Orleans disaster & the UK & Holland sent tons of surplus rat packs,they sat in a wharehouse until the US Gov destroyed them.
  15. Costco is a warehouse wholesale supplier that also allows non bussiness customers to shop in there warehouse/stores if they have a membership card.

    They leverage there massive size into getting lowest prices from producers and if they dont get a price they consider low enough they simply dont buy. Report indicated shortage was of Indian produced rice that was being sold for 20$ for a ten pound bag. That prices is far above the price charged for American produced rice.

    In this case Costco almost certainly simply stopped buying overpriced Indian rice. People that wanted Indian rice for flavor are other reasons cant go down to Costco and buy it anymore. But Costco im sure has sevral massive pallets of American rice sitting in its warehouse/stores just waiting to be bought at a much lower price.

    America is a massive food exporting nation if America was really haveing food shortages many parts of rest of world would be dieing from famine.