Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Outstanding, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. I think that PAYD food is better and more nutritious than the old cookhouse stuff - comment?
  2. Are you a Journo???

    2 posts about PAYD are you sniffing for a goood story about malnutrition in the Armed Forces???

  3. Ask him which contractor he works for.
  4. How can food bought, paid for, planned and bugeted for be of a lower standard and less nutritious than that on the PAYD system? Having system that has to produce food and only being able to get paid for it if the troops aren't in the mood fot a KFC, Burger or Chinky, provides by its very nature less choice and quality than the system where the food is budgeted for all on the ration roll wheter they want to eat or not. Add to that the fact that on the old system, if you were hungry you took what you wanted rather than having to think about whether you could afford another helping or not.

    The old system worked for the lads, even if some complained that they weren't there for all meals they paid for, they still won in the long run. PAYD works only for the system, alowing Army caterers to be used by NAAFI as cheap labour and being able to provide passable meals more efficientlyto the disadvantage of the soldier.

    My opinion you understand.
  5. I have heard - maybe I am wrong?!? that under PAYD you can only select from the core menu for a basic meal e.g. you pie chips and beans and if you want anything more tempting then it is cold hard cash. Also you are rationed to one cup of tea/squash per meal time?!?

    Maybe it is complete bolleaux, dont know, it (avenance) is coming to a cookhouse near me soon. (Maybe I will fit back in my bikini for summer). :)
  6. Lets face it, there is no way on this earth that PAYD can be better than the old system .......

    This goverment would never have introduced it if it didnt save THEM money! As I see it not only does a contractor have to provide well cooked and nutriouse meals, he is also going to have to keep his share holders happy (guess which wins?)

    What would you rather eat? A decent nose bag knocked up by a Trained Army Chef, (ok ok, we ALL take the piss out of the old egg ops, but would you like the job? I wouldnt and if the truth be known they are pretty good at their job) or a aboniation throw together by the reject from the local burger van cartel?

    Me? I'll go for the quality nosh any day thank you. PAYD? yer can stuff it in the bin where it belongs. Rather than this PAYD crap they would be better educating the young guys away from the KFC/Maccy D Fast Food junk and back into the cook house and a decent menu.
  7. So "Outstanding", you got the response you were after then? Have you noticed that nobody else agrees with you? Have you noticed that we think you either haven't eaten in a cookhouse recently or you never ate in the cookhouse in the past so can't compare?

    If you are going to make stupid statements, do the research first.
  8. What a shame that many of you seem not to have taken the time to actually talk to us guys who eat in the new restaurants. The fact is that in Germany NAAFI have provided excellent new facilities and the food is good. The portions aren't massive - but should the balance be on nutrition rather than quantity. The core meals are good value - if you want more you pay for it and if you don't like it we can always cook and eat in our flats. On balance most of us on the new scheme would rather not return to the old. Remember that the old scheme took your cash and put it in the central food vote - which also fed Army Dogs, Horses, Pads on exercise and finded lavish dinners in many a mess. Not the correct use of an individuals contribution I think.
  9. Wrong!

    Every living in soldier paid a pitance for three meals a day whether they ate them or not and no matter how much they ate and drank the cost was the same. Dogs, horses, pads, messes and field catering were paid for by a different budget on a different ration roll. The standards of food haven't changed, only the amount you get in a 'portion', the amount of fluid you are allowed without extra cost and the amount you end up paying over the counter if you want the extras that were always there and free. You really do sound like you never ate in the old system, or if you did you were unlucky enough to have had one of the very few sub-standard cookhouses. The bad ones still exist under PAYD and, once at that low standard, can only get worse as there is no income to improve things.

    If the unit is away on Ops or Ex and you happen to be on rear party, you're stuffed. They aren't going to put on the full choice for thirty bods and waste a lot of money are they? They have their shareholders to think of. They have to provide you with the core menu, bust. Everything else is optional, at extra cost and only if it's financialy viable.

    Add to that the fact that ALL food available on camp is provided by the same firm under PAYD, that is no more chippy wagons, YWCA, Toc H, Red Shield and you are reducing the choice, not improving it. On remote camps, if you don't want to eat in the cookhouse than your only other option is to eat in or buy food from the NAAFI, the same firm that supplies the food in the cookhouse. A nice little monopoly. Once everything has settled and PAYD is universal, without competition of any kind, standards can only fall.

    How long you been in the army? And don't look at your watch!
  10. Touchy young thing aren't you?

    Facts are the Central Food Vote does pay for ALL food consumed. Prior to PAYD its sole income came from us. Since PAYD there is a requirement for Defence Budget to pay for Animals, Operational and exercise Rations and Duty meals(non-entitled).
    Food standards are very much the same mostly monitored by the Catering warrant Officers who are retained outside the contract, whilst on average 50% of the cooks are still Military Chefs.

    When units are out of camp contractors are still under contract to provide food. No reduction in standards should be accepted - so don't! As for shareholders, where NAAFI provide - we are the shareholders and get the benfit of any profit in their gainshare.

    So what that the CVWW orgs are getting chopped (they are all supposed to provide Pastoral Care not pies!), to start with they don't have to go, but they may have to compete with another contractor with another wagon.

    As we now have flats, with kitchens, cookers and fridges (just like grown ups!!), why can't I buy food from wherver I like and cook my own - oh of course I can!!

    I am sorry your last jibe was so cheap - I think over 30 years is long enough!
  11. Outstanding you are so wrong. Check your facts on budget allocations before posting such nonsense.
  12. It doesnt matter really. The important thing is that we get to spend our cash where we want. If we need to eat we can, when we want. The old system was just for muppets!
  13. Nope. The old system was designed for the duty of care required in the forces. No matter how bad a tom was with his money, he would always have a roof over his head and scoff in his belly, as the money was taken at source.

    Do you work for the Naafi or Defence Catering Group because you're really trying to sell PAYD?
  14. The money you pay as part of your food and accom charges that is allocated for food is allocated for food and subsidised by extra for duty non-entitled personnel. It is allocated as per the ration roll to cater for all personnel that are in station, which is why when you are at another station for a meal you should sign their list to say you are eating there rather than at home. Also, if you are out and about, on exercise, eating haversacks or anything else untoward, your Sgt Major has to adjust the daily ration roll accordingly. Messes charge for meals on the mess bill with livers in being subsidised by their food and accom charges.

    Have you looked at who actually owns/runs NAAFI? You can rest assured that the dividend that is paid back to units isn't anything to do with us being shareholders and doesn't effect the actual shareholders profits. Even when the dividends are paid, they are split between all three services evenly without taking into account personnel numbers, location or how much each actually paid into NAAFI. Some share scheme that is.

    Wrong again. The CVWW aren't getting the option of staying. At least not with the option of trading on a fair and even playing ground. NAAFI do already run quite a monopoly which prevents the CVWW from selling their tea and buns at the price they want to. Don't forget that the likes of the Red Shield, Church Army and Toc H have been providing Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen with tea, buns and comfort long before NAAFI arrived on the scene, and they still provide that little bit extra that a modern commercial enterprise like NAAFI can't

    Again, there are still units that either prohibit the keeping of food and drink in the accommodation and others that prohibit cooking in the blocks as part of fire prevention. Silly yes, when the blocks have built in kitchens, but it is still the case that if you don't eat in an established cookhouse, NAAFI or similar establishment, you eat cold.

    I am sorry your last jibe was so cheap - I think over 30 years is long enough![/quote]

    If you've been in the army 30 years, what the hell you doing eating in the cookhouse? You a long service list lance jack?
  15. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Don't forget that in the UK it's not NAAFI with the PAYD contracts, its firms with real shareholders