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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lope, Aug 14, 2007.

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  2. Could RoyalAngliansmum get us the Address so we can send parcels out to the lads?

    We send a lot to our son in Iraq but our thoughts are with those at the very sharp end so an address would be good.

    Lope some items that would help and be aware that there is a weight restriction of 2kg is keep the items small wet wipes are useful, small bags of peanuts, some hand washes that dry without water (non alcohol based as they are flammable). Toothpaste and brushes. squeezable marmite seems to be a favorite?

    I am sure Royalanglinsmum can hep out on others.

    You will need to put a CN22 on the box and your address this makes it quicker evidently - and i must confess it seems to work alongside the blue airmail stickers. the stickers are freely available (from the PO) however sending the parcels is not. Now this bit is important do not go for the high price post tarif in sending the items - and expect it to cost around £5.00. But i can assure you that when its received it will make someones day.

    Get the family/friends to donate it dopes help. In fact all of us AARSe members should send one so please RoyalAngliansMum get us the address.
  3. Be careful with the squeezy marmite, its not for everyone

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  5. Dingerr, was that you (or your avatar) in the vid?
  6. One piece of advice. Don't send chocolate. The mail has a tendency to sit in the sun and heat for a while, before eventually reaching the intended recipient. If it is a sticky bar wrapped in foil it tends to leak and get everywhere.

  7. If you want to send a parcel try:

    Viking Soldier
    Camp Bastion
    BFPO 792

    It will be appreciated i assure you.
  8. Lope, there is something being worked on now. More details available when nearer completion.

  9. if you look in the military history forum, theirs a company im using to send parcels out to crow-bag, who is with the guards in Afghan, i can send you his address, any extra stuff im sure he will pass around his mates, including the slightly moist choco bars :)
  10. I was just about to ask if the MODs could do some sort of up to date sticky with ideas to go in parcels, up to date units and BFPO number of contact etc but seems like P_T_P might be on the case.

    This is much appreciated by all serving Lope and when these parcels get out to the lads they are much appreciated by all as some lads dont have family or friends who send parcels. Just a few ideas of things that are useful.
    Baby wipes
    Sport mags
    sweets (haribo type)
    loads of other items but no chocolate or cake like dated food.

    cheers for your help.
  11. Thank you theangelofmercy for that address

    If you want to send a parcel try:

    Viking Soldier
    Camp Bastion
    BFPO 792

    I would be a bit worried about handing out addresses with security issues etc and dont know who anyone is on this board. Sorry but just use the address that theangelofagony gave out.

    My son at the moment doesnt want Haribo as it is too sticky, well any sweets like that really - they dont always get the mail very quickly and it is sat about in the sun - temperatures of 50C at the minute!

    A few items that are great are:

    Sweets like Love Hearts or anything like that
    Noodles that you just put in boiling water
    Cup a soup - even though it is hot it is something different
    Magazines - especially car ones and that sort
    Wet Wipes
    Nuts and raisins

    Its really hard finding stuff to fill a box though because its so hot and hard to find stuff that wont go sticky.

    It is great to know though that there are people out there who are concerned for our soldiers and want to send them stuff and I know that any parcels that they recieve are gratefully accepted.

    Thank you in advance though to anyone who does send something. :D
  12. Don't forget that later in the year there will likely be a free parcel service in place for Christmas for selected BFPO numbers (ie the obvious operational ones).

    Not sure what dates the service starts/closes on though. Last year it started on 10 Nov.

    Check out the following site for further info on the BFPO:
  13. As some of my family works for Unilever ,And i know for a fact that if any soldiers require any unilever items they will send it out to you