Food of the Gods...British Food.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BaldBaBoon, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. I have travelled around,and even though some of the food was just stunning in some places.......I always hankered for some British food wherever I was.

    In Australia I found they have a great combination of having some really generous portions,good price and good quality......and mostly European tastes,But still missed that special Something.

    Gods Own Food.

    Bangers and Mash

    Nowhere in the world does sausages like the Brits do,they are always some tasteless or rubbery fake from our overseas immitators.

    Proper pork sausages,browned to perfection...with butter mashed potatoe and a hint of mint,and a wash of thick or brown sauce to taste.

    Cottage,Shephards Pie.

    Does it get better than this?.....perfect mix of filling meat,veg and whatever you want under a slightly crisped and browned potatoe ceiling.

    Ideally comes with a slab of real British butter and a fresh bread.

    Full English Breakfast

    If you have had it,you know what it is to be in love with food....If you have are missing one of lifes few essentials,shove your muslei and crossiants.....yhis is mans food.


    I am not a Jockeneese,but this stuff is gorgeous on a cold Scottish night....Big pile of mashed spuds and gravy,keep your sushi, shite.

    Mug of Tea

    Bloody foreigners always sell and drink the teas that most of us have never heard of or like....Rasberry British breakfast tea??

    Yorkshire Gold...this is how tea is supposed to be,India have been churning it out for thousands of years and they still cant make it like us upstarts.

    British food is great.

    British food is proper mans food.

    British Food is proper womens food.

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  2. Liver and bacon has always been the one for me, but Welsh food is better, had a big bowl of Cawl in the pub yesterday and it was lovely washed down with a few pints of Hobgoblin, I think I just might do the same thing today
  3. Trop,I had no idea you were Welsh.That explains a great deal.
  4. Welsh with a Scotish name
  5. English Breakfasts don't even come close to an Ulster Fry. I have heard that you can now get Soda Farls & Slim (Taty Bread) in M&S & Tescos over in England.

  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Don't forget Faggot's & peas....
  7. Lamp shank and mash.... mmm.

    Square sausages.
  8. Killaloe

    My bad,yep you are correct.....I should have stated British Isles Breakfast as all the regions around the Isles do have their variation of a divine breakfast.

    But we all do it substantionally better than Johnny foreigner.

    When In germany,I nearly bloody starved living on their pathetic breakfasts.....Met and Bruchen.....raw minced bacon and breadrolls??
  9. Ahh, a wonderful heart attack on a plate. God, I hate this diet!
  10. I think that you have forgot the best English dish.

    Chicken Vindaloo.
  11. pork pie and pickle
  12. Don't forget Sunday roast,any variation but roast beef, homemade roast spuds(there has already been a thread on the perfect roaster) cauliflower cheese and yorkshire pud..Mmmmmmmmmm!
  13. I believe we are pinning too much to a simple name, surely a true English/Irish etc etc breakfast is one to your own pesonal liking, for example you can shove those mushrooms up your arrse and whack some white pudding on there instead. :)
  14. Here is some photos of Troppers top choices

    And some lamb shank with mash for chocolate-frog


    Stew and Dumplings

    Ration pack ones do not count ( do they still do them? )

    These are the proper home made ones.....

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  15. @ Vampire you are obviously a man of panache. I also adore White Pudding. The best is from Clonakility down in Munster. Since the Good Friday Agreement & as part of the Peace Process we now include it on our once a month Ulster Fry as a guest item. It's lovely.