Food intake, what you think?

As i hijacked the My Protein thread ive started another.

What you think of my intake:

Breakfast: Fruit & Fibre
Lunch: Fruit, apple/banana/pear
Dinner: Its either Fish/Chicken/Lamb (fat off) or Steak with potatoes & loads of veg...carrots, leeks, sprink onion, cabbage, califlour, sweed & cuecumber & tomatoe

now and again i change that dinner for a pasta dish or and if get hungry in the day ill have a soup thats only 100 cals.

There is all but no bread, wholemeal if any at all. Loads of water

Might seem boring and my mrs wonders how i can eat potatoes every day...simple...i love them...oh..and all that is steamed, even the meat.

Ian the goals are just healthy living & maybe lose about 4/5kg while im training for selection. Im 6 2", 94kg & BMI of 26.6.
My 6 year old sister eats more than that dude, are you seriously eating only a single piece of fruit for lunch?

So, right up until dinner each day you've eaten a bowl of cereal and a bit of fruit?

What's your BF%?
Eat protein with every meal, dont just eat fruit for your lunch, have some chicken or fish and salad, your body will lose weight by what you are eating, however, alot of that weight will be muscle if you carry on with that diet.
haha yeah that sounds like a diet for a teenage girl, stick some toast in there for breaky and have some chicken pasta for lunch, wooop wooop!
thats the shit dreams are made of
Right sorry lads i must add to that, ill eat a pear, apple & banana,,,all very large ones too. Some morning ill have the odd brown toast with 2 boiled eggs, maybe 2 at most and sometimes a sandwich in the daytimes. My BF% im not sure about but that is all round my beer belly which im trying to rid.

My dinner is seriously huge though and im having that at about 7pm to stop me eating shite late at night.

In the past i ate like a dog, id use over half loaf of bread for work sadwiches & eat kebabs, pizza, currys or chinese most nights.
spread all the food you eat at dinner evenly over the 3 main meals, and grab two small snack meals between them.
Some plain yogurt and mixed nuts+raisins will do, couple of tins of tuna, something small and healthy, but give your metabolism something to do between the main meals and you'll see results.

You're trying to lose the beer belly, and your being active, which is good. But you need to keep the metabolism burning to keep shedding the fat.

Think of your body like a furnace.
I brought loads of soup fopr the snack times, any good?

Ill have the odd tuna or fishmeat out a tin, might make that a daily snack now.
Do so.
Soups okay..not really much to it though is there.

Asda, tescos, any supermarket sell packs of mixed nuts, raisins, prunes etc, buy a tonne of those, make up little bags of nuts to snack on throughout the day, do your research and choose the healthier nuts.

Spicy foods brilliant at keeping the metabolism up!

Wraps make good snacks too, throw some bits of chicken, lettuce, cucumber and tomato in a wrap and have one for a snack meal.
Have you worked out your metabolic rate? Once you have that worked out knock off 500 calories and you will start to lose weight.

Drop the pear for some berries about 80g's. Add some nuts in natural yogurt and if you can't afford the berries stick raisins in the yogurt mix. Drink water, about 1 litre for every 30kg's you weigh. Obviously drink more water when you train. You don't need that protein crap after exercise, milk and a banana are just as good.
Keep with the veg, bloody good for you and very little calories.

You thought of eating porridge for breakfast? Maybe add a poached egg in two slices of wholemeal bread as well.
Get some fish down you, pilchards and pink salmon in tins are cheap and very good for you. The FSA recommend 140g's, four times a week for a male. Any more than that and the negative affect of mercury outweighs the positive effect of omega-3,vitamin D and calcium.

Stay away from the processed crap,cigs and too much booze and you lay the foundations for a healthy body. Can you cook? I mean really cook? If not get to a class. You can then start to knock up healthy and interesting meals plus girls love a block who can cook.
and what do you reckon the answer to that is? =)
bloody hell, EAT MORE :)

google 'John Berardi's 7'
I had to serve my dinner on a plate and bowl as i overdone the veg & potatoes..again.

Another factor is the fact im not working due to a recent tribunal win so im not buring that food up other than my run, hence the reason for cutting it back a lil. If i was working id need more.
run more then, your not working so you've bags of time to work on your fizz
carlbcfc said:
Thats why i asked if that Recovery XS was any good on the MyProtein thread. If i could recover quicker id be out more.
That's why you are supposed to eat more around your training and in the morning.

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.

I would +1 john berardi as well. More lean proteins and verg every feeding, fast acting carbs post exercise.
carlbcfc said:
Ive just done an online calculation and it says i need 2656 to maintain 208lbs. I dont even break 1600 i reckon.
Why are you trying to lose weight? Your BMI is sub 27, thats fine.
Once you get to depot, you're going to be burning off any excess weight.
As a guide to what you should be eating, these are the figures for energy expenditure once you get on the job.

UK Phase 1 Recruit Training. 3,570kcal

UK Officer Cadet Training. 4,780kcal

UK SAS Selection, Brecon Beacons, Weeks 1-4. 6550kcal

Training once per day (e.g. 30 minute run). 3,050kcal

Bedrest (no walking about at all). 1,740kcal

You're not even eating enough for an invalid.
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