Food..Half of all food is thrown away

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dontenn, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Half Of All Food Produced Is 'Thrown Away'

    Not sure if this thread has already been done.. What are your thoughts on this ? Do chuck scran away because of sell by or best before dates. Or do you do what I and my family do, which is the Sniff test and the look of the product - or do you skip it ?

    Eggs - put them in the fridge or not ?
    Steak - do you only buy the bright red meat or prefer your a bit darker. etc etc.
  2. From what I've heard, it's a lot more basic than "consumer no likey, consumer bin". Vegetables are not cultivated because prices don't warrant it, bananas are not straight enough and therefore never even get to shop, etc. I remember French farmers literally pouring milk down the drain because it was cheaper from them to do so than selling it to the larger supermarkets.

    As a household, we definitely do not throw away half the food we buy.
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  3. I would tend to agree.. the way the media are over the top when it comes to households.. I could not afford to chuck food away.. but a minority do . the producers and supermarkets are the biggest culprits IMHO.
  4. We throw away probably less than 5% of ours, and that's the stuff the missus put at the back of the fridge and forgot about. Soup, stew, dog food, there's always a way to use every bit. The chave who live down the road, when they're not eating microwave meals from Iceland, buy a whole chicken, eat the breast meat and chuck the rest in the bin.

    Then they whine about how they're too hard up to eat well (all fat as pigs needless to say).
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  5. If we don't intend to eat it, we don't buy it. We only cook what we know we can eat there and then, unless we intend to cook for the freezer. End result we throw allmost nothing in the bin. Saves money time and effort.
  6. I agree. nowt gets wasted in our gaff.. I even save all the fat and fall off bits from bacon I grill.. Bang it in the fridge and use it on our roast tatties.. lovely
  7. Bearing in mind the demands supermarket chains put on producers, its a wonder anybody bothers growing the stuff in the first place;

    'Hello Mr Farmer, we've changed the spec on the veggies we wanted last year, so we won't be needing yours after all. The other stuff will need to be in our new logo'd bags, so you'll need to repack everything, at your expense natch.

    We'll pay you, eventually, and next crop, if we want it, will be paid at 5% cheaper than this year. Every little helps us.'

    How much gets lost through the supply chain in the third world is anybody's guess. I am quite intrigued as to the exactitude of half is wasted though.
  8. Half of all food gets thrown away?


    "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of chubbers cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
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  9. Looks like shes pissed off cos theres nowt left or shes struggling with the last tattie...
  10. In my house, if it's not getting eaten, it doesn't go on the plate. In fact, it doesn't even leave the fridge/cupboard/bread bin/fruit bowl.
  11. Whats a Chave? a posh chav..! Its rare that I waste anything, but again it how you are brought up, it always seems to be the "starving poor" who do not know how to make the most basic of foods and turn them into nutritional meals, hence throwing good stuff away and then complaining about the cost of living "the *****" but I also blame the "hygene" culture on the face of it, its good but when you can not feed pigs with food waste or re-use cooked food in resturants, i can understand why there is waste.

    I was reading a few years ago about a restaurant that tried giving its excess food to a homless shelter, the staff had to refuse it as there were coucil guidelines on re heating food and some other shite excusses that the donated food had to be binned, not even good enough for starving people. coucils need to have a re-think, also "the *****"
  12. Part of the problem is that everything you can buy in Supermarkets is aimed at families. Couples with no kids, or single folk end up buying twice what they need. It gets stuffed in the fridge/freezer/cupboard and gets forgotten about.
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  13. There was an outcry a while back along the lines of 2/3 of household food is wasted, and figure was bandied around that 2 out of every 5 chickens end up in the bin.

    A little investigation later revealed that their methods consisted of weighing the average food shop (packageing and all) and weighing the refuse.

    With regard to the chickens the same methodolgy applied; weigh the whole chicken as bought, weigh the scraps and hey presto 2 out of every 5 chickens are binned !!!

    On that count I only ate 1/2 a cauliflower last night and only 1/3 of a rack of ribs at the weekend
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  14. Not sure how you work that out. You can still buy fruit and veg loose, then if you buy meat you can freeze some of it. Buy, say, a whole chicken, take off the legs, wings and thighs and freeze for later use in a casserole or whatever. Roast the crown, there's one meal hot and three cold (sandwiches, salad, with chips). Use the carcass with some veg for a soup (about 6 helpings). There's 12 meals right there, for one person on his own, from one chicken and a few onions, potatoes, carrots and a cabbage.
  15. Not much gets wasted in this house, we're too mean and greedy!
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