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Discussion in 'RLC' started by CplBadboyUK, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,

    I need a question answering reference grub on tour, sounds like a piss take but it s genuine and is directed at mainly the chefs. Can any of you food conniseurs please enlighten me as to how much an individual soldier is budgeted for whilst on tour in Iraq, as in £ per day? Its a topic of discussion and a sore one at that! Id appreciate it very much, as the answer could inveriably stop some soldiers dying of malnutrition in our location. Please help!
    Cpl B
  2. Why don't you just ask the chefs?? They will be in the best position to tell you :roll:
  3. I'm not a Loggie but I am certain that it isn't done like that on Ops. The chefs draw down food from a central location (a mixture of compo and fresh), based on the ration returns, which may be supplemented by local purchase if, and it is a big "if", the local economy is able to provide goods of the requisite quality.

    I am certain that a Loggie will be able to tell us how it is done - if only for interest's sake!

    If you have a complaint about the quality and quantity of the food, see the RCWO or his equivalent, or ask your Troopie to do so. That's his/her job!

  4. If you are genuinely concerned about the food in your location then speak with the chefs. As a section commander if you think one of your soldiers has malnutrition what are you doing about it? I would be asking the question how did he end up like that as it is a process that takes some time and if he is not attending meals who's fault is that :?

    If on the other hand you are a reporter after more cr*p to write then Pi*)$ff and find something usefull to make up :x
  5. Cpl bad boy UK.? What sort of made up name is that? Something fishy here and it ain't with chips.
  6. whiffier than Sundays bell end-journo alert!
  7. Tuna head its the same made up name that you have, im sure in reality you arent actually called tuna head, thus the point of havin a screen name? all i wanted to know was a figure for an individual budget, as for the malnutrition that was a bit of humour! Jesus! the seriousness of it all! I wanted the answer to come from an outside source as i find it hard to believe that £3.49-77 or whatever it is is adequate whilst on ops. That includes drinks aswell! So does anybody actually know the figure??

    All you have to do is ask your RCWO who has all the answers you need, i find it very odd that you need to ask such a bone question on here as this infomation is readilly available just ask those in the know.
  9. So what is yr point, if you were involved in buying the food you'd know what the budget was. If not involved surely you'd be more concerned on whether what was presented was adequate than how much it cost.

    Can hardly blame the esteemed members of ARRSE for thinking yr a journo when this is your initial posts. :)
  10. To put your mind at rest...

    The current food charge whether it be in camp or out on ops is £3.66 per man per day.

    This is broken down as 99p for breakfast, £1.17 for lunch and £1.50 for evening meal.

    However, the chefs only get around about £1.89 of that intial £3.66 to play with.
    So, thearetically, chefs have to work off a budget of £1.89 per man per day to feed you hungry fella's 3 meals a day.

    The way chefs get around with managing to put such delights on the hotplate, is because under the current feeding scheme (NOT PAYD), every person in the unit (Singlies) pay for food regardless of whether or not they attend meals.

    Basically, the ones that dont attend meals are subsidising the ones that do, if that makes sense?

    Hence why PAYD is such a good idea for the Army, soldiers will only pay for the meals that they eat, so should they go home for the weekend or cant be arsed to get up for breakfast, then they dont pay for those meals, like they do under the current scheme.

    Does that answer your question?
  11. Combat Cookie well done that man! Finally the question has been answered! £3.66. Unfortunately im not in a cushy location to ask the RCWO my reasonable question, hence raising the issue here. And i wasnt sure as to believe our chef breatern as the food has been slightly lacking it has to be said. Thats not me slaggin of the chefs, i was a big fan of the cookhouse when i was a singly. And to put everybodys mind at rest im not a 'journo'. Its hardly a fcukin national secret as to what soldiers are budgeted for on ops. Thanks again Combat Cookie,

    Cpl B

    "Better tried by 12 , than carried by 6" T.N.P.
  12. Well thats put me back in the picture ater being out for 9 yrs LOL
  13. I live in the Mess mid week and pay for food I don't eat - however, if you total up what I pay per week - it is a v good deal. When I worked in London a decent lunch - sarnies, crisps, apple, drink was a damn sight more than £3.66p. The problem was that the food charge was broken out per meal - it should have been per day and increased slightly. Where else could you get all you can eat for say - £4 per day?

    Save as you starve will prove to be the death nell of messes.
  14. Not done food for ages, but the breakdown of the DMR (in this case is £3.66) is-

    Breakfast - 15%
    Lunch - 35%
    Evening Meal - 50% (Coz U have Pud).

    hamster_man, where were you during all those turgid letters debating this in Soldier. Loads of moaning SNCOs who dodn't eat in the mess from Friday breakfast to Monday lunch, 'Oh what a waste of my money', they couldn't get it through their huge melons that their money did not go to waste, but sbsidised their other meals. Wish you could have put you comment in Soldier mag about 6 years ago!
  15. food charges £3.66 per man per day, DMR = £1.89.

    This leaves £1.77 which goes into the central coffers to pay for food on ops (and exs with fd conditions) as obviously food charges are waived when deployed.