Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Just been reading an article on the choices of menu offered by today's Compo Rations and noted to my surprise that in addition to the seven basic (but improved) menues listed in the General Purpose Rations, there are also specific options for religious (Halal) tastes, vegetarian and patrol (?) packs.

    I remember when we were outloading kit for the first Gulf War (1990-1991) at Bremerhaven and Emden in Germany that we were kindly offered the US Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) (or Meals Refused by Ethiopians) by our American hosts in exchange for our own basic Compo rations and found MRE to be almost unpalatable to our more refined tastes.

    I also note that the new rations no longer have the same luxuries that we once enjoyed with such relish like:

    * Spicy Compo Sausages
    * Bacon Burgers
    * Corned Beef (Corned Dogs)
    * Chicken Supreme
    * Potato Powder
    * Powdered Milk
    * Tinned Margarine
    * Cheese Processed (Cheese Possessed)
    * Jungle Juice powder
    * Tiffin Chocolate Bars (or the even thicker Milk Chocolate Bars)
    * Spangles (in the 24 hour Packs)
    * Dry Compo Biscuits
    * Oatmeal Blocks.
    * Hard Government Issue Toilet Paper

    * Forces Weekly Echo and Sixth Sense (optional)

    Were we really spoiled so much in those days :cry:
  2. I ate quite a lot of MREs last year on tour and thought some of the menus were rather nice! Can't stand Brit 24 hours rations though.
  3. all of which could be made edible with the addition of curry powder. including the toilet paper.

    p.s. you forgot the babies' heads.

  4. Also forgot the tin of fruit cake which was my personal favourite. And the dinky little can openers which would rip your fingers apart. But were much sought after as you only got one in each 4 man pack or 10 man pack

  5. "You Cannot Be Serious"

    That's it picks up marbles and goes home....wouldn't be surprised!
  6. Ah, but what about the jam and condensed milk in 'toothpaste' tubes?

    The packet called 'Sundries'. Where were Mondrays, Tuesdrays, etc ;-)

    edit to say oatmeal blocks were fcuking marvellous

  7. Surely only in the 24 hour boxes - and don't call me Shirley ! It was tinned powdered milk and tinned jam (strawberry or blackcurrant or apricot) in the 4 and 10 man packs.

    Got to agree about the Oatmeal Blocks though. The biscuits weren't too bad if you broke them up and added them to the main meal - as long as it wasn't corned dog - had enough of that in the Falklands.
  8. Dry compo biscuits - would they be 'Hard Tack?' totally tasteless until the addition of something either savoury or sweet (or both if really hungry.

    I recall with great nostalgia, resting atop a lofty hillock in the Brecon Beacons watching the dawn and troughing on hard tack, processed cheese and water. Happy days!

    Oatmeal blocks made a cracking porridge.

    Best canned meal - Irish Stew.
  9. The best compo porridge was in arctic ration packs. Fantastic!
  10. my dad used to save those for us so we could squeeze the condensed milk onto them!! I can still eat condensed milk sandwiches to this day :D

    which may explain my avatar :oops:
  11. My favourite memory of a Compo meal was back in the Seventies, before I transferred into the Corps, I was in a Squadron Fitter Section stranded out on Hohne Ranges, not far from the rear perimeter of Belsen Concentration Camp, late at night, cold and shivering as we changed the L60 Power Pack on a broken down Chieftain. There were just three of us in a 434 and the driver and crew commander from the Chieftain. The rest of the Squadron and Fitter Section had returned to the NATO Transit Camp at Oerbke near Fallingbostel. After two hours of trying to fit in the new pack at 0200 hours in the morning, we were greeted by the welcome sight of a hot all in stew with piping hot oxtail soup starter and cofee brewed in the Panzer's BV. The stew included the ubiquitous compo sausages, beans, Irish stew, pommes, cheese possessed, hard tack biscuits and oatmeal blocks, all liberally washed down by a few bottles of Amstel which had been stowed in the bag charge racks prior to the exercise. As we sat around a blazing fire, the wind whistling in the background, our wiley old Fitter SSgt, a veteran of World War Two and Korea, regaled us with stories of the tortured souls from Belsen who haunted the area - Did we sleep soundly that night under canvas - Did we F**k !
  12. I assume that what you refer to as Jungle Juice powder is the same stuff that others refer to as "screech", because that's what you did after the first mouth full.

    And don't forget my own personal favourite; fruit biscuits AB!
  13. The company that makes the Army 24 rat packs also supplied the British Antarctic Survey, although they don't bother opening them until they are at least 5 years past the use by date. Many are grateful for the wonderful affects of the biscuits, not having to drop one's kecks in a blizzard quite so often as would otherwise be the case. The alternately frozen/defrosted cheese spread didn't survive quite so well. Every flavour came out green.
  14. Believe it went under a number of names, but the effect was just the same, - bunging up all the orifices in the body and giving you gut rot - but God did we enjoy it :twisted: