Food fight at Bastion !!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. This was classic, we were all sitting down, finishing off our christmas dinner. Everyone is hyper and excited, EOD are at the other end of the table. One of them plucked up the corouge to throw a piece of biscuit at us (50 sqn). Well, I wasn't keen on my mince pie and it soon landed on some poor sappers napper from EOD. Within seconds the whole place erupted with coke, spuds, biscuits everything being thrown at each other.

    Targets certainly fell with hit.

    Of course, we adopted the taliban tactics of shoot and scoot and left the place in chaos. Apperently, 20 sqn, another Sqn in our regiment started one in the other kitchen, so food fights, a corp thing perhaps?
  2. Bringing back memories of Bosnia on Christmas 1997 I was with 15 Fld PK Sqn as we were frowned upon by the RMP for all wearing dresses at our crimbo lunch. After one of the lads sung them a nice rendition of Hey Hey were the monkeys next thing a mass food fight with them fleeing out the cookhouse. All good natured fun, have a good one NIGtrained :D
  3. Brings back memories of Germany in late 70s. Very young subaltern at his first Christmas dinner stands on a table to try and stop the fight and gets a christmas pud in the face. That was not the problem, it was the bowl that it was still in that did for him.

    In later years we would clear all ammo from the tables as each course finished to try and remove temptation.
  4. Dunno about the rest of the Army, but Yes, Foodfights are almost guaranteed at any Reg'tl Christmas dinner.

    Happy Christmas NT. Happy Christmas to the rest of your lads too.

    If you see any of the 48 Massive, please pass on Happy Christmas and Best wishes from Waterbeach.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Also best onto to Salonika Coy if you see them, best wishes to all.
  6. Led to believe the RM have been in a real fight in Helmand today.

    Merry Christmas boys. May you be armed with sprouts and wrights sausage rolls to launch at the taliban.
  7. I don't think it is just an RE thing. A long standing tradition in the British Army - and long may it continue. (I love it when some Officer or other SNCO whines because they have received some incoming, makes them sound so pathetic).
  9. No had a good one at Worth down a few years ago classic watching one of the Snr's walking up and down it with a try covering his nut as spuds were bouncing off the try
  10. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy!

    On a serious note, all those deployed (including HM Ships at sea-been there myself not too long ago) who are reading this, merry xmas and I hope you return safely. This is the first xmas I've spent with my parents since 2001 due to being deployed, duty etc so I've treasured it a bit more.

    (and I've been drinking in a couple of 'residents only' hotel bars in Ireland today with the step brother and we've been perving at the Eastern European waitresses :D )
  11. Eh?
  12. CMH 85/86 Fld Medics Vs Hospital Staff, and the Deputy Matron who thought she was in the UN and could solve our differences, she was hit in the Tw*t with an orange boy did she yelp.
  13. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    The regt band lat one of ours left in a huff after the tuba got a roast potato down the tubey bit, and a bandswoman got hit in the tit by a rather accurate sausage...
  14. Two top Polish phrases for you sailor: Chin dobre = good morning; dobre poopa = nice arrse...
  15. I remember well the RSM of 21 ER standing up and shouting ( at a cookhouse christmas scoff one year) "there will be no, repeat no food thrown at any time during this meal"

    Oh dear.

    He was twatted by a full unopened can of red, and the place went ballistic!!!!