Food Container 18 litre

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DesktopCommando, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Doing stockcheck of my ET holdings and have come across this one,
    NSN on Unimong is 7330-99-9300-7605 and SCOC (still use it its friendy'er)
    says its £258.850 L Class with no supersession details, which I suspect to be a Norweign Food Container.

    Although my Norweign Container has NSN 7330-99-130-5338 on it to which SCOC does not reconise

    Any help would be appreciated :)


  2. What an exciting life you lead.
  3. You are a train spotter who drives a Unimog to the station and sits eating out of a Norwegian food container at the end of the platform.

    Admit it your life is fast paced and you orgasm over barcodes.

  4. nah dont have Vital or life would be complete :)

  5. 7330 99 300 7605 (Note - 13 not 14 digits!) Is indeed the NSN for a Norgee (the complete item).

    No idea about the other NSN though. Unless yoou have one of those old Norgee's that had the double locking bars on top? But I ai'nt seen one of those for years.

  6. Remember there are two types of in the new type with the built in tap on front for number per chance ? :wink: