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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Higround, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Rigth gents, we all know that army cookhouse food bumps the big one, my question is do we actually have to pay it becuase i would much rather take that £110 a month and spend it down Tescos rather than spend over a hundred quid a month on food that i don't even eat.

  2. The only way to get around this one is to apply to live out or get yourself posted to somewhere that has Pay As You Dine.

    The hundred or so quid is actually outstanding value for money for being able to have 3 square a day. What is wrong is that you dont have any freedom of choice and you are subsedising other peoples meals every time you dont attend a meal.
  3. its attitudes like this that have led to the implementation of PAYD, which will ultimately be the death of the military cookhouses.

    stop dripping, move out of the block, trust me £110 doesn't go far at tescos
  4. for what the fitter & turners (fits it in a pan & turns it to sh1t) provide with the cash they are given i do not think that you can complian really especially when you can have 3 meals a day for the money you pay i know of civvies who eat at our cookhouse because they cannot fault the price they pay.

    as already stated £110 does not go that far at tesco's granted you can buy what you actually want but i would suggest that you may end up doing at least a couple of trips per month & THATS without the beer runs.
  5. The standard of food, particularly in my place is shocking. When i was at an RAF camp the food there was so much better so why can some places churn out good grub with the money theyve been given and some places turn out complete sh1t
  6. can agree on that front but is it always the military sloppo's cooking?? i have been to places that have civvie chef's & the food there you would not feed to pigs.

    can honestly say though that in all my years in the engrs we have never had a poor chef attached to us.
  7. have you made a formal complaint to BOO/BOS. has it been recorded in comments book and not actioned, if so, seek action through CSM/OC - the QM will get involved and it will be taken seriously.

    or, have you, as i suspect, not made a formal complaint but dripped like a good 'un?

    Seriously, keep a record of specific incidents when you're given 'poor' food and make it formal. it will be taken very seriously if its founded.

    I can honestly say that in 16 yrs i don't ever recall being regularly fed bad-food - certainly not in the cookhouse - the only poor feeding i've had have been in the various messes.

    PM me if you need specific advice - do you have civvy chefs/ are you in UK?
  8. Attitudes like what exactly? Whilst he has not exactly elucidated this issue very well the facts cannot be ignored:

    1. The disparity between catering facilities across the MOD beggars belief. This is a quality control and management issue that has nothing to do with a requirement for PAYD or soldiers voting with their feet at meal-times and everything to do with the system allowing contractors to get away with murder. Messing Members of all ranks the length and breadth of the country investigate complaints and find that contracts are drawn up shoddily or with an eye on the 1930s; the result is that service providers have plenty of room to manouevre and the service does not improve.

    2. PAYD will bring investment into catering facilities (commercial investment not MOD investment) and result in soldiers paying only for the meals they attend. This idea sounds like Nirvana at first but if you look a little closer the following points are of some concern:

    a. The contractor will operate a cartel on camp allowing him coffee shops, bar facilities, pizza or whatever else he fancies. All of which the soldiers can use their "credits" upon and allow the contractor to recoup the potential losses he might make on the core- meals he must provide.

    b. The contractor will still pay minimum wage and treat staff badly whilst using the cheapest ingredients available to turn a profit.

    The serious question must be: if we cannot control contractors now how do we think we can improve this by giving them greater scope and making the whole system more complicated?
  9. Higround,

    Any complaints should be raised (as previously mentioned by good bde) to the duty officer/SNCO , who should be present at every meal for this very reason. Failing this, complaints should be passed to your coy/sqn/tp messing member who attends the commanding officers quarterly junior ranks messing meeting which is normally chaired by the QM with attendance by Master Chef, contractor etc when menu's, suggestions for improvements and complaints are raised.
  10. It has been my experience that the way the unit treats its chefs (Military) has an effect on the standard of food - i.e. if you are a chef in an Inf Bn and are constantly referred to as "Oi fcuking slop!" then surely you wont be motivated to produce a good standard of food. If you look after your chefs, they will certainly produce the goods for you.
  11. I have actually seen people being threatened with a cook!!!

    Out in the Falklands (1993) the coy was spread across a number of buildings each doing it own catering. My building had two cooks, cook A (ACC) probably the best cook I have ever come across (the type who can produce a good mean out of almost anything), cook B (Regtl) probably the second worst cook I have ever had the misfortune to suffer.

    In another building they had only one cook but who was alright. When that platoon started to moan about him the CSM stated he was willing to swop their cook for another, but it would be cook B.

    Complaints stopped!
  12. The worst meals I have suffered in the Army have been at the hands of Civvy Contract 'Chefs'. Given the amount of money the Army Chefs are handed to feed each person, I think they do a bl00dy good job. They get slagged off left, right and centre, but how many of you Arrsers would swap jobs with them? I think not many!
  13. Fact is that Army food is (on balance) excellent. What the RLC chefs produce with the Daily Messing Rate is brilliant and very few armies even get close to ours. PAYD has come in to ensure that Tommy is not paying for food he is not eating and it has been sucesful in Germany.It does take getting used to,but everything I have heard or read says it's great and running now in Bruggen and Hohne.

    So its happened and there can be no going back. Hopefully Tommy wil learn to eat responsibly, but the system allows for hungry feeders, who will get a bolXing if they cant control their spending.

    This topic was done to death elsewhere on ARRSE so dont shoot the mesenger again!!