Food Charge Scandal - Legal Test Case?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zxninerpilot, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Fellow arrsers. (MODS, it's in this forum for max effect, I know it probably should be in another less popular place, but can we leave it here to get some feedback?)

    I have just endured a lengthy Pay as you Diet brief, and found out that the food charges I have been forced to pay, regardless of the fact I take very few meals have an element taken away to plug holes in the defence budget.

    It appears that personnel classified as "single" pay about £3.70 a day, of which the chef who cooks the meal gets back about £1.70 to buy ingredients for my food.

    So, what happens to the other £2? Well, it goes back to the treasury. And because the chef doesn't receive enough cash to feed me properly, I have to pay yet another £1 a day for extra messing. This is an absolute scam and has really naffed me off, to think that I am paying twice for a service, and that money is syphoned off to prop up the defence vote.


    If I went in to Tesco and bought an apple, but they only gave me half and said the other half was going to their staff canteen, I would be raging!!

    I am considering taking legal action against the MoD and will consider putting a test case forward. I reckon "single" soldiers must be out of pocket to the tune of around 600 sheets a year.

    Is there any support/views out there, or do you think I would be wasting my time?

    Over to you.....
  2. Well if you are being charged for food and its not being spent on food it would seem pretty much an open and shut case. However are you sure on the numbers?
  3. Of course the numbers would need validation. Currently food charges are £3.76 daily, I will have to find out what the current DMR is (does anyone know?) but it was explained by the team giving the brief it is significantly less than the amount I am giving over for food.

    And of course, there is the extra messing charge of £1 a day to supplement the meagre amount the chef receives.

    The more I look at this, the more unjust it seems.
  4. As keen food enthusiast I am in total agreement with you. The "food" being served at the moment is horrific. The civvies contracted to feed soldiers obviously don't care about the slop they are producing and take no pride in any part of the process. Nor do they need to. Its not like they can be put in prison for making crap food, so long as it doesn't kill anyone.

    I imagine that the food quality will increase when its time to renew contracts to the next bunch of immoral thieves.

    I suppose it keeps the 10%s in jobs. Although I think the quota has risen to 80%s.
  5. A few months old, but relevant


    I'm off to the Citizens advice bureau next week, I'll bring this up (now I'm a dirty civy, I'm going to get as much cash out the Army as I can).
  6. There you go, I pay £3.76 for food, and the chef receives £1.51, a deficit of £2.25 which goes directly to the treasury. An absolute scam.

    So Joe Squad is down by £821.25 a year!!!!!!

    If we can claim illegal bank charges back from the banks, I'm sure there must be a mechanism for claiming back £821.25 per year back from the MoD.
  7. I thought the 'missing' money was that used to pay for our food on operations, to give us the feeling that 'you don't pay for food on ops'. That having been said, I feel that £3.70 a day is/was perfectly fair for food. There's alot wrong with the treatment servicemen are given by the Govt/MOD; Medical Services, harmony guidelines, kit etc. Diverting your energies to fighting these wrongs for which we have substantial public support would be far more fruitful than dripping about food costs; it just makes us looks like whingers. Perhaps things were different back then, but grandfather tells me how he hated being shelled, mortared, strafed by the Luftwaffe/RAF/USAAF and seeing his wife once in 4 years, but he never mentioned the 'scandal' of his food charges. Perhaps we were made of sterner stuff back then.

    £1.23 or so per meal is/was pretty fair. Get a grip, look at the bigger picture and get over it.
  8. Would be surprised if this works. Chef may well get £1.51 for food with the rest going into the pot.

    In the same way if you go into maccy D's your burger probably costs 50p with the other £1.49 going into the franchise for leccy bill, wages etc.

    Maybe you would be more successful claiming that you shouldn't pay part of your taxes as it eventually becomes your wages anyway.

    £3.76 a day on three meals, don't think you are really out of pocket.

    Think there should be the option to opt out and if you don't eat there often you should only pay for what you eat. We could call it something like "Pay as you Dine", oh hang on a minute.

    Be careful what you wish for.
  9. I guess you're a pad and don't pay it then?

    I don't think that over £800 being syphoned off my pay is a small matter.

    And I have been shelled, mortared and shot at more times than I care to mention. And by friendly forces.
  10. Maccy Ds are a profitable organisation No real comparitor.

    And it was explained that the money goes straight back to the treasury, for feeding on Ops. Surely this is an operational overhead cost. Why should single soldiers subsidise ops, when pads clearly don't?

  11. Its people like you let todays Govt get away with what they do, ZX is being ripped of by a Govt who doesnt give two sh!tes about HMF.

    Whether its #1.23 or 23.00 its irrelevant

    Take the Cnuts to task ZX.......I will Pm you with some legal Blurb when i can find it.
  12. I don't think it's as much of a con as it sounds.
    The chef may only receive £1.51 for ingredients but someone is paying the chef, that doesn't come out of his 1.51, someone bought him an oven, and a frying pan and a building to serve food in. That's where your £2.25 is going.
  13. The Forces are being "Shafted" all round...Equipment, housing, pay, it goes on and on. I am not suprised my lads just got out. I was calling him for everything, until he told me about this Site, and by the Gods it's opened my eyes in what's going on in the Forces today.
  14. So who pays my wages, and who paid for the building I'm in?

    Does it come out of the wages of the people I look after?

    I don't think so!

    Do ground crew pay for their runways?

    And I don't get the choice whether or not I want to eat there, I just get billed monthly anyway. I listen to the counter arguments, but it still seems very immoral.
  15. With you there Seb. Just because theres other things wrong should let them off the hook.