Food Charge Regulation Changes (all PADS read this)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by stinker, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Today whilst perusing the latest heap of paperwork on my desk I come across this little gem.


    "With effect from 01 Jul 07 the current entitlement to free meals at public expense for up to 30 days for Service personnel on Detached Duty/Temporary Assignment who do not normally incur a Daily Food Charge at their permanant duty station will be removed. This will also apply from 01 Jul 07 for those already on on Detached Duty/Temporary Assignments"

    "Wef 01 Jul 07 the current entitlement to free meals at public expense for Duty Service Personnel who do not normally incur a Daily Food Charge at their permanant station on day visits to service establishments over 5 miles from their permanant duty station will be removed"

    NI (Post Op BANNER) "From 01 Aug 07 Service personnel will pay food charges on the same basis as those elsewhere in the UK and overseas and NICFA will cease."

    Now before all the singlies turn round and say fair play you bean stealing bastards, may I remind you that YOU will also lose the claiming back of Food when on course etc.

    I hope I have misinterpreted this into meaning - If I go on course for 9wks prior to my reward being 6mths in NI this will cost me approx £750 (£3?/day).

    This is fcuking scandalous! :pissedoff:

    So my 3% rise is wiped out in a blink of an eye.

    Can any pay wallahs out there please shed some light on this (please tell me I'm wrong).
  2. Don't go on the course and save a small fortune.

    It must be hard being the only member of HM forces to pay for your food.

    Dry your eyes petal and grow a penis.
  3. Do the Regs make any allowance for those on Operation duties with in the UK?

    Why is it scandalous? Paying to receive something is hardly a new idea - look at it another way, think of all the money you have saved in the past before this fairness started.
  4. Eating food and paying for it?

    Well I never.

    It'll never catch on.
  5. It won't be the 'pay wallahs' fault, it will be the sh*tty tw*ats in the Treasury, aided and abetted by the civil serpents in the MOD who will have dreamt up this 'saving'.

    What a f*cking government, what a f*cking country?

    How long before a soldier is obliged to PAY 'Gorgon' Brown for being in the bloody Army?

    PS. 'Pay Rise' and Army do NOT go together under a Labour government, EXCEPT, when the awful Brown calls a General Election and the Army will get a substantial, 'head-line making' pay rise just beforehand - just watch.
  6. I've appreciated the free food the times that i've received it, but it doesn't bother me one bit to have to put my hand in my pocket to pay.

    Those who do mind should surely have no problem with people popping round their gaff and helping themselves, after all nobody likes to be accused of double standards.
  7. PAYD, as much as I hate it with a vengance, better come in before my next course in UK.
  8. If your detached, through duty, your entitled to meals allowance. Badger the chef in the Mess/Cookhouse for a receipt for your meal and claim it back against the 21 quid a day allowance.

    If the Mess/Cookhouse isnt PAYD, claim through JPA for the amount you are being billed for your food on your pay statement (keeping it for 1 year as evidence of the claim of course).

    Civilians call this expenses - your company send you away from where you normally feed yourself, therefore pay an amount for your upkeep. The Forces are no different - and under JPA the claim is just a click away.

    If THEY send you away, on duty, why the hell should you incur the costs?
  9. Can I clarify exactly what this entails? As I had a few last night and my head is fuzzy.
    I'm a Pad living in a Qtr in Scotland, I'm due to go on the RQMS course(6 weeks) at Deepcut in September, so therefore am I going to be paying food just like a singlie would? (£3 a dayish)

    If so, surely I'm entitled to Daily Subsistance as I am away from my perm duty station which currently is £21 a day for either B'fast/Lunch/Dinner as long as I keep my receipts.

    So basically the Army will charge me £3 a day to eat in the mess, but I'll go to some posh scoff house in town and spend £15 on a meal there and claim it back, so in the long run it costs them more.

    Please someone tell me I'm wrong as it makes no sense to me.
  11. My mistake I thought that you claimed back food and accomodation as a singlie on course unless it was at your permanant unit (pretty sure I used to but was a long time ago).

    I do not object to being charged for the food I consume, but I do object to paying when I am on temporary duty away for my permanant unit, this has now been clarified by boney m (thanks).

    My main point for any further input is, if I serve in the Falklands or NI (post BANNER) on detached duty why should I (or anyone single or married) pay (if I've got the right end of the stick)? It would hardly be the individuals choice in many cases.

    I am I the only one that sees this as another MOD penny pinching scheme?
  12. Stinker,

    I agree, tyhe MOD is penny pinching in many areas, however, the food charge is just being "sorted" out to make it fairer - the single soldier should not be subsiding everyone else. If you serve in NI (post Op Banner) that is just like serving in any other garrison in the UK (NI is after all being normalised with the peace process and is no longer an "Op Tour"). If you serve in the Falklands, that is an Op tour and nobody (single or married) pays a food charge (which is only right).

    I do not think that the current system, whereby married soldiers pay no food charge for the first 30 days of a course whilst single soldiers do, could possibly stand up to scrutiny and certainly the tax payer would want to know why they should have to pay to feed married soldiers only.